Moon Knight Video Games: All Appearances in Moon Knight Video Games

Many casual fans of the Marvel Superhero Cinematic Universe may have no idea who moon knight is apart of the recently released Moon Knight series on Disney+. Although many people might recognize famous heroes like Spider-Man or members of the Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man, or the Hulk, many heroes haven’t made their way onto the big or small screen. One of those heroes, Moon Knight, finally debuted on March 30. Before that, however, there have been instances where the white-clad antihero has appeared in video games in the past. here is every time Moon Knight has appeared in video games until now.

Every Moon Knight appearance in video games

This list will be split into two parts: when Moon Knight is playable in a video game and when it is not.

Moon Knight is a mercenary dead and resurrected by Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. The man behind the mask, Marc Spector, becomes a vigilante upon returning to the United States and is ultimately similar to DC’s Batman counterpart, with his powers of investigative deduction and use of high-tech equipment. . Here are all of Moon Knight’s playable appearances in video games.

Playable appearances of Moon Knight in video games


The first time Moon Knight was playable was in 2006 with an appearance in Ultimate Marvel Alliance. He was only playable on the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Moon Knight, along with the other 139 Marvel heroes, introduced himself to Ultimate Alliance players.

Moon Knight was also featured in the Marvel Knights DLC for the Nintendo Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The character brought his old moveset from Ultimate Alliance 1 along with some flashier new moves.

The alliances don’t stop there. Moon Knight also made another playable appearance in the 2012 Facebook and mobile game Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. In this game, Moon Knight was part of the Secret Avengers team and could be supported in the turn-based battle system.

Another game to take control of the white caped hero was the free to play Marvel MMO Heroes. The game ran from June 2013 to November 2017 and featured Moon Knight, as well as DLC outfits like Mr. Knight’s costume, his Secret Avengers outfit, his Earth X costume, and more.

The iOS and Android Marvel fighting game, Marvel Contest of Champions, presents Moon Knight in a new light, or moonlight, that is. In this game, if there is a new moon at the time of the fight with the character, Moon Knight becomes much stronger. In this game, he has his Crescent Darts and his truncheon.

In marvel future fight, a top-down moving brawler, Moon Knight is also playable. This game offers players three options to use the Marvel hero. These three include Standard Moon Knight, Mr. Knight, and an armored variant of the hero.


The most recent Marvel mobile game to include Moon Knight is Marvel Strike Force, which is another turn-based fighting game. In this game, Moon Knight has a much more polished build, meaning he can take more hits, which shows his resilience compared to the comics.

Apart from mobile games, Moon Knight has appeared in the LEGO Marvel series, including LEGO Marvel Avengers.LEGO Marvel Superheroes and LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. These games focus on Moon Knight’s staff, his throwable Crescent darts, and his ability to glide with his cape.

Other non-playable appearances in the Moon Knight video game

Moon Knight has also made his fair share of appearances outside of being playable in Marvel games. One of these games is Spider-Man: Web of Shadowswhere shows up to defeat Black Cat and Kingpin with Spider-Man.


It also appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with the West Coast Avengers alongside Hawkeye during the end of Hawkeye’s story. Moon Knight can also be seen in the Pinball FX 2 Marvel DLC pack, where he is voiced by Troy Baker and can be seen battling his most nefarious foes, Morpheus and Midnight.

There’s Another Moon Knight Niche Appearance In Marvel’s Avengers Academy game. This terrifically received game features a teenage Moon Knight that players could add to their respective campuses. Although he’s a lesser-known hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, players have already spent nearly two decades with the character who plays him. It may appear in more video games soon, as a Fortnite collaboration may be coming to the game to commemorate the show.

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