Metaverse: already existing in video games? MMORPGs resemble the digital world; What is different?

The Metaverse already exists in video games, and it’s something a lot of people have already noticed over the past few years, especially with titles that focus heavily on an MMORPG game setup. However, what is the real difference between the Metaverse and MMORPGs, as well as some games that resemble the same type of game setup?

Metaverse already in video games?

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Many people claim that the Metaverse is already in video games, but that might not be accurate, especially since the Metaverse is a place in its own right. However, some game or game modes already offer it, something that offers similar things like the metaverse.

An example would be massively multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGss where players can enter the game and take on the identity of another or created avatar. Sandbox and simulation games are also like this but are more about the plot of the game itself.

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What is the difference between the metaverse and MMORPGs?

Some best MMORPGs include that of classics like “World of Warcraft,” Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy” series, “Elder Scrolls Online,” and more. Sandbox games that feature a bit of an MMO include “Grand Theft Auto” online from Rockstar Games.

Metaverse Epic Games

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These titles are examples of MMORPGs and those that offer an open world, but the main difference is that these MMOs still focus on stories, only offering a more lax approach to following them. However, here people can still feel like they are in control of their story or quest, but that doesn’t give them full authority.

On the other hand, the metaverse will give the audience full control over their life, quest, mission, and entire existence. Yes, there may be games available inside, but it’s not about gaming, and people can come and go, unlike games which are the whole universe of the digital platform.

Metaverse and its relevance now and in the future of gaming

Some say the Metaverse is the internet successor in terms of a new platform for everyone.

As the successor to the Internet, the Metaverse will be the place to go for people to find each other, share experiences, and enjoy their time together. The Metaverse promises a new digital world and a new reality where people can be better versions of themselves, something they choose upon introduction.

Metaverse rumors are bound to arrive with the new web3 platform, being the main place to exchange NFT and cryptocurrency, the things that are supposed to build the digital future.

The digital world excites the public because it offers a fresh start for all, especially since people would create a new life here, being whoever they want without the need for their physical identification.

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