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Taylor Swift gently curls her hair, re-registration the music that made it, and singing through the AirPods of every girl you know, especially if that girl has ever had a Tumblr. Love or hate Swift, there’s no denying that it’s 10 minutes “Very good”Made November a little colder and probably also made Jake Gyllenhaal shout, dominating headlines and playlists and invoking the bold spirits of dead relationships. But if you feel like you’ve missed the Taylor Swift boat, or want permission to dive even deeper into its choppy waters, all pages of Swift’s Diary Lyrics on December means now is the best time to nurture your inner child wearing a headscarf.

But how do you really get there the next level swift this december? Well you already know Swift’s music and her role in Cats undoubtedly appears whenever you close your eyes, so there is nothing else you can do but browse the Internet for Taylor Swift video games.

At least I did it on your behalf, in hopes of expanding my personal Taylor Swift universe. I have a fascination with celebrity video games, especially if they are ridiculous, probably because I used to play celebrity dress up games online and read People like a kid. All of this fame really marks a developing brain.

But there’s also something odd about seeing a real 3D human alien transformed into a digital doll you can play with, especially if it’s Taylor Swift. Her background as a famous woman and her current re-recording project encourages questions about fame and ownership, so, really, there is nothing better to do while listening simultaneously. folklore and think about how we turn people into commodities. I started at Google.

Let’s put the disappointing news aside: Other than the aforementioned celebrity dress-up games, Taylor Swift really doesn’t make many appearances in online video games. Since I’m not eleven anymore and a little more susceptible to computer viruses, I wanted to avoid dress-up games, and instead I headed to

Again, there wasn’t much. I forced myself to go on a date with Taylor Swift in the visual novel A date with Taylor Swift, which is described as “not too different from a real date with Taylor Swift. It’s free to download, and it gave me nightmares.”

A date with Taylor Swift

You start out in an “empty restaurant with no color” (maybe you are a dog?), Until Taylor Swift suddenly appears, wearing an apple red dress (maybe you are in The donor?). You immediately confess your love to him, just like any normal donor would, and ultimately gain access to the heart of the game, which is a lyric generator. Taylor Swift wrote me a chorus that said “And I was there when you cut me off, run away smile / If you like a million little love stories from me” which hurt my head, so I stopped playing and uninstalled the game out of spite.

Although I had to take a Tylenol it was mainly because my boyfriend was screaming while playing League of Legends and not because of A date with Taylor Swift, so I recommend you download it if you like cutting edge dating and hate syntax.

Then it’s not a video game, but I enjoyed the feel of this proposal role playing card game, folk, downloadable for free from itch in PDF format. It is described as a small town game about “belonging and rejecting”. Some suggestions of people include a murderer or a hurricane, and in town there is “The Girl You Apologize To” and “The Golden Chain of Fate”. This game is definitely for the scariest Swifties out there, who love to Instagram cups of tea. I know yes!


I became dejected by my lack of success in the Swifteo game. How else will we advance in our studies of the sacred text, Without fear (Taylor version)? As a last resort, I decided to risk a virus and check out some Swift dress up games. Turns out none of them work because kids today are all on TikTok watching North Kardashian West go live rather.

But that’s not exactly surprising – we’ve changed the way we interact with celebrities. Before, celebrity video games were a means of privacy when the alternative was to kneel in front of a poster hanging on the wall. But now that celebrities have Twitter and Instagram Live DMs, playing with Keanu reeves on our computers is less exciting. Of course, you can still find relics of the Taylor Swift video game in games like Just dance and Heroes of the group, but these intend to connect you to Swift’s music, not Swift itself.

The only common exception to this is Fast life, a 2017 social app for Taylor Swift and her fans that shared an editor with occasional role-playing games Kim Kardashian in Hollywood and Britney Spears: The American Dream. But in 2019, Fast life users reported poor design and Swift’s lack of involvement as leading to the demise of the app that year. We only have to look at the Success of Kim Kardashian in Hollywood, which excels at fun and engaging gameplay (for what it is), to see that a vague celebrity affiliation isn’t enough. The game needs to be standalone, or the celebrity involvement needs to be even better than what social media offers.

So, I’m sorry, I disappointed you. All you have to do is listen to “Me!” ” endlessly. Yeah, I know it’s his worst song. It’s a punishment for both of us. But know this – if Taylor Swift really gets a video game, I’ll be the first to tell you.

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