List of Epic Games free games for January 2022 with Galactic Civilizations III next

Epic Games’ list of free games continues for January 2022 and the next title to be released at no cost is Galactic Civilizations III.

PC gamers should have an impeccable backlog of titles to play thanks to the latest EG Store promotion in December. This has provided the community with a plethora of fantastic titles such as Pathfinder, Prey, Control, and the Grave robber trilogy.

While many December titles were major AAA names, the New Year has been fantastic so far as well.

Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution | Release trailer



Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution | Release trailer





Free Games Epic Games January 2022

Below is a list of Epic Games free games for January 2022 to date:

  • Tomb Raider Trilogy – December 30 – January 6
  • The Gods Will Fall – January 6-13
  • Galactic Civilizations III – January 13 – 20

New releases usually arrive on Thursday. This means that we should get two more gifts in the first month of the New Year, the 20th and 27th.

No leaks have emerged at the time of writing, but we’ll update this article if there are any. We’ll also update this article when official announcements are made by Epic.

The gods will fall

The gods will fall is the current offer and it is only available until January 13th.

It only came out in the first month of 2021, so it’s a pretty new title. Reviews on Steam are mixed, but – at no cost – it’s a pretty fun single-player adventure where you have to defeat plenty of gods.

And, unlike most other mediums where the gods are aesthetically kind, these attention seekers are mostly vile with stars such as Yaltogguth (God of Eyes), Methir-Shirraidh (God of Birth), and Breith- Dorcha (God of Decay).

What’s the next free game from Epic Games?

Epic Games’ next free-to-play game on January 13 is the Strategy title Galactic Civilizations III.

This came out in 2015, so it’s not a newer version unlike Gods Will Fall. While it’s not very new, a fourth installment in the series was released in 2021 in Early Access format.

As for the game, this is a well-rated space strategy game with a rating of 81 on Metacritic. It offers online PvP and co-op, and you can choose which race you want to conquer space with, from us poor humans to aliens who are definitely not the sexiest. Mass Effect-type.

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