June PlayStation Plus free games appear online


You know what time it is. That’s right, it’s PlayStation Plus time, and just in case we don’t have enough games to come when the service overhaul hits us in a few weeks, we still have the regular monthly freebies to look forward to. .

As reported by VGC, it looks like next month’s titles are upon us. Now, as we all know, monthly PS Plus games have been leaked consistently and accurately at first for practically a full year now, but that’s been by French outlet Dealabs (which, you guessed it, also got this month’s gift vouchers). However, this leak is from a Spanish site, Areajugones, so it’s a different source than usual. Whatever, let’s go.

Spoiler alert for the next paragraph, but yeah, one of the freebies is apparently God of the war. Take a look at this hilarious deleted line from the game below.

First, and perhaps most disconcerting, we have God of the war. This award-winning 2018 is obviously a great game, but it’s a pretty confusing choice given that it’s been free on PlayStation Now for ages now, and will be part of the catalog of free games available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members when the revamped service is launched. Now, the bonus here is that for anyone who sticks to Essential in the future, you can still grab onto Kratos’ newest adventure, which is fantastic if you haven’t already. played.

then, we have Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – a Naruto-themed fighting game, in which players can team up in groups of four to battle others online. It might not be the most exciting title in the world, but hey. Something for anime and manga fans, right?

Finally, we have another fighting game, albeit one with quite a different vibe – Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. With the hype for Warner Bros.’ MultiVersus taking over the internet lately, it would actually make sense for this one to be included (though sadly missing the greatest fighting game character of all time, Shaggy).

Again, this is all unofficial at this time and from a different source than the usual PS Plus leaks, so take it with a pinch of salt until things are confirmed.

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