January 2022 PS Plus predictions and free-to-play games reveal date

The January 2022 PS Plus free games reveal date is approaching and there are a bunch of predictions online despite the current lack of leaks and rumors.

It has been a good year for video games as we have received many amazing new titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Deathloop, Ratchet and Clank Rift apart, Resident Evil Village, and many others. While 2021 has had its fair share of heavy hitters, next year is shaping up to be incredible as we will be inundated with behemoths such as Horizon forbidden to the west and Ancient ring from February.

But, before the busy months of February and March, Sony will hopefully start the New Year with some amazing giveaways.

Horizon prohibited in the west | Pre-order announcement



Horizon prohibited in the west | Pre-order announcement






When will the free PS Plus games for January 2022 be announced?

The January 2022 PS Plus free games reveal and announcement date is expected to be December 29.

Sony is still announcing upcoming lineup in the final week before the Giveaways release. This usually happens on a Wednesday, so December 29th should be the reveal date as the giveaways will officially release on January 4th.

Until next year, you can still download the current December offers from Godfall, Lego DC Supervillains, and Deadly shell. the fall of god has received a lot of controversy because it is endgame content without a campaign, but Lego DC Supervillains and particularly Deadly shell worth downloading.

In addition, if you have collected the Final Fantasy 7 remake for free in March, you can download the PS5 upgrade for free from December 22.


There are no leaks or rumors regarding the upcoming New Year’s offerings from PlayStation.

This doesn’t mean that the leaks won’t show up as they usually show up over the weekend through websites like Delelabs. They are a generally trusted source which currently has the 15 Days of Free Games for Epic Games.

We will update this article when rumors arise.

PS Plus predictions January 2022

One of our January 2022 PS Plus free game predictions for PS4 and PS5 is Valley of stars.

It’s a £ 11.49 title that’s been available for a few years now, but it’s never been a giveaway. It joined Xbox Game Pass in December and sometimes we see newbie Game Passes offered by Sony the following month.

For the PS5 exclusivity, we’ll guess either Dirt 5 Where Sackboy a great adventure. Both were PS5 launch titles, and there aren’t any new games coming out on January 4 so Sony can return to the start of their next-gen console’s lifespan.

Demon souls would be an amazing offer from any of the launch titles, but that’s extremely unlikely. Deadly shell is a currently proposed Soulsborne clone and Ancient ring comes out in February.

Some predict Unexplored Lost Legacy, but it seems unlikely. We would have predicted it as a PS5 exclusive if the £ 10 upgrade option was eligible, but that’s not for the PS Plus version of Unexplored 4 so we doubt that it is for Legacy lost.

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