January 2022 PS Plus free games officially revealed

Sony is officially announcing the PS Plus free game lineup for January 2022, and subscribers will be able to download these games on January 4.

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There is no doubt that many are eager to see what the PS More the free games for january 2022 are. After all, some may think that this selection can influence and / or set the tone for service throughout the year. With the way that PS Plus generally trades its models, this is unlikely, even in a speculative sense.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past few months, however, is the leaks. For the past 6-7 months now, the free PS Plus games have leaked online ahead of their official reveal. These have proven to be reliable to an incredibly high degree every time. As such, the same source has already disclosed the free PS Plus games for January 2022, and while it should have been taken with a grain of salt so far, they have been officially announced.


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A specific leak, Sony today confirmed that next month’s three free PS Plus games are Galactic Deep Rock (PS4 / PS5), Persona 5 attackers (PS4), and Dirt 5 (PS4 / PS5). The former is a class-based, four-player co-op shooter where players take on hordes of aliens in procedurally generated caves. Persona 5 attackers functions as a semi-sequel to the base game but adopts a unique hybrid of tactical combat and Musou play. Finally, Dirt 5 is a racing simulation game and the last one before the acquisition of Codemasters.

The jury is still out on how these games will be received, but there’s a nice variety here: co-op shooter, Musou JRPG, and racing. The safest playing with PS Plus each month is variety, as that likely means there is something for everyone. And for anyone interested in these games, they will be available on January 4, 2022.

Until then, there is still time for subscribers to claim the current selection of free games if they haven’t already. PS Plus free games for December 2021 include Godfall: Challenger Edition (PS4 / PS5), Lego dc super villains (PS4), and Deadly shell (PS4). The first game sparked some controversy to end the year as it is not the full game and it started selling a story upgrade right after its release.

At the same time, LEGO games are often solid and fun platforms for fans of LEGO or its subjects, and Deadly shell is a good soulslike aperitif before Ancient ringreleased in February. Either way, it will be interesting to see what the New Year brings for PS Plus.

PS More subscribers typically receive a handful of free games each month.

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