January 2022 PlayStation Plus free games appear online

Unsurprisingly, the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2022 were leaked early. Now is the eighth month of this year that the monthly giveaways for Sony’s online subscription service have appeared online ahead of their official reveal. But why break with tradition, eh?

The French point of sale Dealabs is again responsible for offering us free games in advance. I’d say take this with a pinch of salt until the games are officially confirmed… but at this point Dealabs has a 100% track record of getting the PlayStation Plus goodies.

Credit: Dealabs

January 2022 free PlayStation Plus games, they say, will be action RPGs Persona 5 forwards, racing game Dirt 5, and sci-fi shooter Deep Galactic Rock. Not a bad range!

Depending on the leak, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 versions of Galactic Deep Rock and Dirt 5, with the new generation versions benefiting from their own range of technical and graphic improvements. Persona 5 forwards, Meanwhile, is a PlayStation 4 giveaway. This is the second month in a row that subscribers haven’t received any content exclusive to PlayStation 5, suggesting that Sony has heard comments from fans that those who still use a PS4 felt a little left behind.

PlayStation will undoubtedly officially unveil the free PlayStation Plus games for January later this week. Just try to be surprised when this happens, right?

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