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UK: IP protection for the visual aspects of video games in Europe? I love the look of this!

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The visuals of a video game, including the artistic design, characters and graphics, can be one of the key factors in a game’s success. Players have become accustomed to seeing sumptuous visuals and looking for iconic characters. As such, the visual aspects of a video game can be of significant value.

Additionally, creating sufficiently impressive game visuals may require skill, insight, and knowledge. investment. As such, protecting the value of game visuals is important to many game developers.

It is possible to protect the appearance of designs in the UK and EU through registered design protection, whether the designs relate to tangible objects or are implemented only in the field. digital. This opens up a protection opportunity for the visual appearance of video game components such as the appearance of characters, icons, interfaces and other visual game elements. Advantageously, given that the protection afforded by the designs and Registered designs is not limited to a specific product category, it can cover not only the digital realm, but also the merchandising and other tangible elements incorporated in the design.

Design registration in the UK and EU also offers a range of advantages, including a relatively quick, inexpensive and low-demanding application process compared to other forms of intellectual property, delays between the request and the granting of the order of a few weeks are not uncommon.

Given the ability to quickly and efficiently obtain protection for the appearance of digital designs in the digital and real realms, adding UK and European design protection to an IP strategy looks good. for game developers seeking protection for value-added game visuals.

Graphics are extremely important for any video game; this is what the player sees. Everything from environments, characters, and even lighting all play a role in how the game looks.


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