Indian parents ‘agree’ with kids who play online games, study finds

Hyderabad: Most Indian parents help their children enjoy online games with certain restrictions, study finds.

Sixty-one percent of parents agreed that online games are beneficial for children. According to the results of a study conducted by YourDost, the leading online counseling and emotional well-being platform on Indian parents’ perceptions of their children’s online games, 60% of parents also believe that online games can be a great way to reduce stress in children.

The study aimed to discern what Indian parents think of their children engaging in online games. The study also analyzed the levels at which the risks of online games outweigh the benefits for children.

The pandemic has forced children to find alternative activities at home to pursue. This has led to an increase in online gambling activities.

The study involved 429 parents, including professionals, housewives, retirees and entrepreneurs. The study, conducted with parents of children of various age groups, such as toddlers, preschoolers, tweens, teens and adults.

Up to 65% of parents have played online games themselves and understand why their children are playing games online. According to the study, 48% of parents believe that online games are a great way to socialize.

The study clearly shows that the vast majority of Indian parents come from a place of empathy. About 65% were online gamers themselves and understand why their children are playing online games. It reveals that 83 percent of entrepreneurial parents believe that online games can be beneficial for their children.

Most entrepreneurs play games of skill like Sudoku to develop their skills by sharpening their brains and developing their strategic thinking. As they are aware, they will want their children to develop these skills through online games as well.

The study showed that Indian parents also have many concerns about online gaming. Their fears are not unwarranted, as many parents have discovered that online games can hinder a child’s academic performance.

According to the study, 88% of parents believe that online games can be addictive. 79% believe that online games can affect school performance while 74% believe that online games can cause violent behavior in children.

Most parents (76.1 percent) also felt that their child’s online gambling habits caused frustration in the family. As a result, 78 percent of parents believe it is essential to have ground rules for online gaming. Parents have also expressed that they would like to monitor the type of games their child is playing.

The study found that while most parents agree that online gambling has its benefits, they are also concerned that gambling will become addictive. Most parents know the pros and cons of online gaming. They want to establish flexible ground rules that can benefit children and prevent harm.

The study recommends that having a set play schedule, and educating the child about the pros and cons of play, can be critical steps in making the game an enjoyable experience. The study also suggests having frequent conversations about the child’s feelings about play.

Emotional behaviors can help understand the impact of play habits on children. Overall, good play hygiene can make online gaming stress-relieving for kids and parents alike.

“In this age of digital broadcasting, it’s no surprise that the amount of time spent playing online games has increased. It’s even more true now due to the real world experience and the advent of AR / VR. But everything has its set limit of. There has to be a good balance in terms of how much parents need to allow their kids to play online games. The right mix of time and conversation with the kids will bring positive results. Said Richa Singh, co-founder and CEO of YourDost.

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Posted: Wednesday March 24, 2021 10:25 IST

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