How Video Games Inspired Robert Pattison’s Costume

The Batman, the latest live-action film to adapt DC Comics’ legendary Dark Knight, is a huge critical and box office success, with this depiction of Batman’s early years and the origin story of his many foes icons demonstrating the continued longevity of the character. However, many viewers may not know that some of the biggest inspirations for The Batman can come not only from iconic scenarios like The Long Halloweenbut also the most popular Batman video games. Specifically, Origins of Arkham and Batman: The Reveal Serieswhich both tell stories of Batman in its early years, share some similarities to the film.

Both games feature Batman facing off against his most notorious foes for the first time, reimagined in bold new personas as they move to replace Gotham City’s more traditional underworld. They both feature a young and very angry Batman who is brutal in his crime-fighting methods while emphasizing his smart detective nature. But perhaps the biggest inspiration for both games is the overall design of Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit, which draws visual inspiration from both of these titles.

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The Batsuit seen in the new film is very sleek, but heavily armored, showing visible wear from frequent use and appearing surprisingly low-tech compared to what Bruce Wayne can normally afford. Despite this, it’s very effective at deflecting most small arms and continues to be suitably intimidating, much like the all like the Origins of Arkham Batsuit. Pattinson’s Batsuit is more heavily segmented with clear separations at the seams and joints, much like the Origins combination. In some lighting, Matt Reeves’ jumpsuit also appears to be dark gray instead of black, as is often used in Batman live-action movies, evoking more classic comic book imagery, much like the Origins combination.

There’s a lot more emphasis on Batman’s investigative abilities in The Batman than in other films, his already low-tech gadgets contributing far more to his detective work than to his physical crime-fighting. This is also reflected in the Batman: The Reveal Series, as many of Batman’s devices in the first season are primarily tools for his many investigations, with only a few select gadgets such as batarangs explicitly used in battle. Matt Reeves’ suit features contact lenses fitted with a camera that records everything the wearer sees, which appears to be an adaptation of the detective mode featured in both. Origins and in the Witness Title.

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The Batsuit, as featured in the Revealing series, also features a smaller, more understated version of the iconic bat logo on the chest armor. The actual Batsuit breastplate in the Revealing series is more similar to that of the Batsuit breastplate in The Batman than any other version of the costume. The cowl from the Telltale games also has a nose similar to the cowl in the film while featuring longer ears than the Origins games to create an iconic Batman silhouette. The steps of Witness costume are also stronger than the Arkham games, something the Reeves movie shares.

With these inspirations from the game in mind, it’s highly likely that any future installments continuing after The Batman will also draw inspiration from the overall design and themes of these games. The upcoming spin-off set in Arkham Asylum will most likely draw inspiration from the famous games as well. One thing is certain: comic books are no longer the only source of inspiration for the big screen portrayals of their characters.

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