How to build an online audience by streaming video games

With lockdowns keeping people stranded online and audiences turning to digital platforms, there has been an increase in the supply and demand for streaming video game content, both domestically and internationally. ‘foreign. From mastering deft strategies to providing amusing commentary, players are now evolving their traditional gameplay with a sense of content creation.

If you’re considering starting a career in video game streaming, we’ve listed some getting started tips for you to consider.

Understand the market

Video game streaming is still a newly accepted concept in modern media. With new opportunities in sight and more resources to utilize, gamers are heading to live streaming platforms. However, in a profession where viewership mirrors success, is the transition from amateur streamer to professional streamer really that easy?

Unfortunately, the resources available to local streamers are utterly insufficient, making it difficult for new streamers to get started. According to Bangladeshi online game maker Naruto Gaming, the game streaming scenario in Bangladesh continues to grow. “There are organizations and personalities that help local streamers grow. But still, local streamers are mostly lost in this line of work and have no idea how to grow,” he says. Where gaming is considered a legitimate career choice overseas, establishing itself in the local streaming scenario is still quite difficult for budding streamers in this country.

Enter the scenario

As the gaming industry in Bangladesh is still in its infancy, it differs widely from its international counterpart in terms of audience segments, monetary policy, and content creation facilities. That’s why becoming familiar with the local streaming environment is a top priority for any gamer considering getting into live streaming.

Most of the online resources represent an international perspective of game scenarios – something difficult for newbie streamers to grasp. Such confusion occurs when choosing a streaming platform. Talking to local professionals can be helpful in such cases. As video game videographer AkibDiablo points out, “Across the world, Twitch is the most renowned website for streaming. But in Bangladesh, it is easier to attract an audience on Facebook. good internet connection to stream on Twitch. But on Facebook you can stream with 4-5 MBPS speed, which is easily accessible here.” Regarding YouTube as a potential platform for video game streaming, Akib adds, “Most Bangladeshi streamers don’t use YouTube because you can’t earn directly from there, unlike Facebook.”

Focus on your offer

To reach the target audience when streaming, it is important to set goals and plan accordingly. Focusing on your channel’s core offering should be the first task on your clock. A channel mainly creates value through its gameplay, interactivity and skills in creating quality content. The basics of content planning start with choosing the right video game. While selecting hot and trending games can help gain viewership momentarily, playing according to the streamer’s preferences adds value to a channel’s image. Experienced streamers often advise newbies to just focus on one game.

Besides looking for trends and video ideas, streamers should focus on organizing cameras, microphones, lighting, and screen recording software, as stream quality often differs by due to the overall configuration of the game. An interruption in the configuration may end up affecting the views. When asked what gets addicted to a gaming video, Tanzim Ahmed, a student consumer of gaming content, said, “The first 15-20 seconds are the most crucial for a streamer to grab attention. from someone who just started watching their stream. Then stream trending games and games you’re good at.”

Interact with the community

With new trends emerging and old ones declining, keeping up with the community can be a difficult task for streamers, especially those with minimal viewership. As such, novice streamers often struggle to understand what their audience wants. Interacting with the public is the best solution to this problem. Joining gaming communities and connecting with subscribers can give streamers new video and marketing ideas.

A good idea is to check in with the audience daily and ask them directly how they would like the stream to evolve. Try to give the audience some quality time by connecting with them more often. As Facebook and YouTube are the most common streaming platforms for Bangladeshi audiences, live comment sections are great ways to keep in touch with fans. Some streamers may even choose to talk to their top fans individually to get representation. Catching up through live posts and interactions is another smart way to increase audience appeal.

Think differently

Video game streaming is a profession based on practice, perseverance and creativity. While the profession puts gameplay at its core, the personal touches in live commentary, reactions, setups, content variations, and streamer entertainment methods add significant value to a channel’s content. Although audiences and streamers share a similar interest in games, inventive content is what secures a loyal audience base.

When asked what a streamer should follow to create a unique brand, Rimsha Iqbal, the face behind gaming video creator Uziboozie, said, “Focus on both your individual and team play. .Train hard and try to understand what your audience wants.Make sure you entertain whatever your talent.Don’t follow others.Be your own example.

Finally, remember that focusing on content is more important than quickly gaining an audience. So get your game ready and let internet traffic follow your path.

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