Heavy metal veteran Clifford Meyer embarks on video games: the relationship continues

Metal veteran Clifford Meyer, best known for his tenure with post-metal band Isis, has teamed up with Nate Purkeypile, the lead artist of the online action role-playing game Fallout 76. On December 2, Purkeypile announced their new game, The Ax Invisible. The video game veteran describes The Axis Unseen as an “open world, heavy metal horror hunting game.” Meyer (also a member of post-rock band Red Sparowes) is the game’s songwriter.

Meyer, who is responsible for some of Isis’ best songs including The Beginning and the End, does a great job of setting the mood for this new heavy metal horror game in the trailer through his music. An eerie feeling engulfs the viewer as the music builds, slowly adding drums and guitars while transporting players to a new world where they are being hunted or hunted. Although it won’t be released until December 2nd, there is quite a bit of buzz surrounding The Axis Unseen. That’s because Purkeypile has strong following in the gaming community, having worked on classics like Skyrim, another open-world video game. It’s also because the heavy metal genre is popular within the gaming community.

Heavy metal and games have a special relationship

We see the relationship of heavy metal to gambling especially in niches like online gambling, which analysts predicts the market to reach $ 81.71 billion by 2022. For example, casino operators have released dozens of heavy metal themed games to accommodate fans of this genre. One of the most popular is an online slot machine called House of Doom. Described as a breathtaking heavy metal game, House of Doom online Slot is every metal fan’s dream: you have the chance to win cash while listening to a metal sheet music. You can find House of Doom on online platforms like SkyCity Casino, where you can play hundreds of different slot machine games which were inspired by metal and rock music including Spinal Tap. This online slot game revolves around a British parody heavy metal band. It’s worth mentioning that even heavy metal artists have teamed up with online casinos, most notably Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, who partnered with a rock-themed online casino in 2017.

Video game fans are also flocking to metal-inspired games or games with metal / rock soundtracks. Many have even become cult classics within this community. For example, Twisted Metal, a vehicle fighting video game, is still a fan favorite despite its release in 2012. The game’s soundtrack contains a collection of licensed tracks from heavy metal legends, including Rob Zombie, a member. founder of White Zombie, and Australian hard rock band Wolfmother. Twisted Metal’s score also includes several original compositions by several artists, including Dan Monti, who has worked with bands like Guns N’Roses, Slayer and Metallica.

Since the 1980s, metal and rock have had a special relationship with the video game industry. Over time this relationship has spread to video games only, and now we can see elements of these genres in casino games as well. Clifford Meyer working with Nate Purkeypile on his new horror game is the latest example.

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