Guildford artist to spend four years making his favorite retro video games out of cardboard

A man from Guildford would spend the next four years creating a cardboard version of his favorite retro video game to encourage others to share his passion for gaming.

The graphic designer and filmmaker grew up in Surrey, before moving to Southampton for college.

Back home, Bill Thorpe spent confinement creating and recreating cardboard video games, alongside his furry friend, the companion dog Wilson.

The 38-year-old decided to use his gaming expertise not to make games, but things related to them.

He recreates them in cardboard and then painstakingly films himself performing famous scenes with the cardboard models for his online subscribers.

Mr Thorpe explained, “The covid period was the perfect opportunity to do it right, so I’ve done quite a bit of games now, such as Mario and Sonic.

“I use fire to burn things and do everything with my hands, being as creative as possible. It’s a time consuming hobby but that’s what I love to do.

“Doom came out when I was 10 years old, and this game has become my all-time favorite. So the passion for the game was put into this cardboard creation.

“Gaming is a great way to reconnect with old friends and now that I’m back here it motivates me more because Guildford is the Hollywood of gaming. There’s a lot going on here. “

Mr. Thorpe shares his creations on YouTube but does so not for monetary gain, but rather for his enthusiasm for all things gaming, and tailors it to his busy work.

He hopes it will interest the next generation in the original versions of recently released games, and understand where they came from and what they looked like “back then.”

Bill admits that it can be very frustrating to film the games in action.

He said, “Sometimes I need six hands but I only have two! Snapshots are extremely difficult, and the 30-second shots could take me two weeks.

“In the past I have left the lens cap on the camera, or you could burn it or knock it over. This four-year project will last no more than 30 minutes.

You can find Bill’s YouTube channel page here.

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