Guest column | How to earn real money from your online games?

GMNG Product Manager Aakash Taneja

The online gaming market is constantly changing and growing. It is currently undergoing a revolution never seen before. According to a recent report from Deloitte India, our country is one of the top five mobile gaming markets around the world. The coronavirus outbreak along with the pandemic-induced social distancing standards have significantly boosted the market growth in India. The study by the All India Gaming Federation highlights this same trend and indicates that in the In the year 2020, India registered 365 million online gamers during the lockdown and there was a 21% increase in the online gaming community. He also points out that the real money gaming segment is an important market in the Indian online gaming industry and is currently growing by 40%. Thus, we can rightly say that the sector is growing exponentially and will experience a boom in the times to come.

The emergence of the era of real money gambling

While the online gaming market is constantly evolving, a notable trend that has been observed is that the gaming platform business model has also undergone huge transitions. They are now gradually moving away from models based on volume and advertising to focus on diversified revenue streams based on user engagement and enhanced gaming experiences. This is where real money gambling gets a special mention as it takes this route!

The new era business strategy seems to have worked in favor of this market as it has grown tremendously over time. The only reason for this is the shift in user preference from video games to real money games. According to a report by the All India Gaming Federation, the Indian online gaming market is no longer associated with the entertainment factor. Users are now spending time gambling online to earn money and develop life skills. Surveying more than 2,400 Indian gamers, the report states that 24% of gamers view online gambling as a way to make money. A whopping 70 percent of gamers further claim that they play games and earn money from their smartphones!

Real money games: the must-see gaming destination for gamers

Aiming to capitalize on the potential of the growing market, various gaming platforms are now embracing the true path of gaming.. How amazing that players can play their favorite games and earn real money in a safe and secure space! Some platforms also offer unified wallets where users can deposit a considerable amount of money and earn real money by playing the games of their choice. Previously, generally, true gaming platforms offered long game formats. However, over time various players have resorted to shorter formats to capitalize on their offering of shorter game formats with popular titles. like Mini-Ludo where users can play an entire game of Ludo for real money in three minutes, which typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete a game.

The key to making real money is choosing the right gaming platform. These platforms require you to spend a considerable amount of money so that you can potentially win money. With this, players have a chance to win big with minimal effort in playing their beloved games if their luck and hard work is in their favor!

The future of the Indian real money gambling market

According to the Research and Markets report, the Indian real money gaming market is expected to reach $ 3.8 billion by the end of 2024. Growing digital revolution, growing smartphone penetration, low cost of data as well as a robust digital payment infrastructure allowing players to access real-time banking transactions are contributing to the growth of the market. According to a joint report by the EY-All India Gaming Federation, real money online gambling players are expected to grow from 80 million in 2020 to 150 million by 2023.

These statistics show that the Indian real money market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the times to come. Needless to say, gamers will increasingly be drawn to real money gaming platforms primarily because of the monetary benefits they offer.

In summary !

Online gambling is no longer a hobby in India. It has now become an immersive, engaging and interactive experience. The real money gaming segment has indeed taken the online gaming experience to the next level. The platforms provide players with a plethora of opportunities in the esports, casual and cards verticals to earn real money. For this very reason, the sector has grown in importance and will experience significant growth in the number of players in the times to come!

(This article was contributed by GMNG Product Manager Aakash Taneja and AnimationXpress does not necessarily subscribe to these views)

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