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Video games transition from entertainment to art in Kansas City Kansas Community College Art Gallery’s latest exhibition.

“The Art of Gaming” is on display until September 23 at the Art Gallery, Lower Jewell Building, KCKCC Main Campus, 7250 State Ave., Kansas City, Kansas.

Shai Perry, who curated the exhibit, said she was inspired by her stepchildren, who were playing online games during the pandemic. The game was a way for children to communicate with each other, she said. Moms may not want their kids to have so much screen time, but that’s how kids socialize today, she said, and the art exhibit expresses those changes.

“As a curator, I have a series called ‘Art Is,’ where I take something that you might not think is artistic and show people that it is,” said Perry, also a coordinator. from the KCKCC Art Gallery. Creativity is part of everyday life, she added.

“We are creative every day in how we decide what shirt and shoes to wear,” she said. Everyone creates, and the art exhibit, “The Art of Play”, simply expresses the creativity found around play.

The art exhibition attracted interest from college students, where members of a players’ club competed and won prizes. Some students painted miniature characters to make them look more realistic. Some college classes have scheduled tours of the art gallery.

Subjects that have inspired the art include tabletop games, old school games such as Sega and Mario, the NFL, and arcade games such as Pong, Duck Hunt, and Tetris.

Some of the works are three-dimensional animations, while some are acrylic on wooden platforms, some are drawings, some are acrylic on canvas and acrylic on paper.

Anthony Oropeza, a community artist who is a KCKCC alumnus, has works in the exhibit. Another community artist with works on display is Darryl Woods, who works with children’s art summer camps and whose works are adored by children, she said. Oropeza is known for sports art, and Woods has done many works of superhero art.

Other student and community artists who have works displayed in the exhibition include Bekon Flory, Ben Lee, Christopher Guthrie, Damont Jordan, Emma Conforti, Ian Young, Joseph Sanchez, Julianna Johnson, Micki W. Hill, Oscar Alvarez-Alonso and Raven Harmon.

The art exhibition opened on August 15, at the start of the school year, and will run until September 23. There will be a closing reception from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on September 23. The art gallery is free and open to the public. Perry suggested visitors make an appointment at 913-288-7408 to ensure the gallery is staffed and open when they want to visit.

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