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PlayStation Plus and PS Now would merge into a combined subscription service in spring 2022, creating a more robust service to combat the ever-growing Xbox Game Pass.

Earlier reports indicated that several levels are in the works and players will have the option to maintain their subscription level.

But for those interested in streaming games, PlayStation Now will be part of the plan, creating an attractive new package.

The original report from Bloomberg suggests that the PlayStation service was named Spartacus and will combine the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services.

The new service would see the end of PlayStation Now and be available on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

This would make sense because there is no reason that both markets cannot be supported, much like with Xbox Game Pass.

Three tiers would be available for those who sign up for the combo service, with the first retaining the regular benefits of PlayStation Plus.

The second would offer something more substantial, with a library of games to download.

The third level would add extensive demos and game streaming, much like what’s available through PlayStation Now.

This all sounds like a safe bet and reflects what’s currently on offer through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, minus the included PC catalog.

And this week, VentureBeat found more evidence that this plan is in place for use later in 2022.

Sony has reportedly asked UK retailers to remove PlayStation Now cards from sale, a possible early indicator that the service is about to undergo major changes.

These cards would be removed from shelves by January 21, although it is not clear whether PlayStation Plus cards will be affected as well.

This new combined service is expected to support Xbox Game Pass, which continues to be very popular among gamers.

Offering a library of games to download, PlayStation’s own version shouldn’t include all of the same features, such as Day 1 releases for owner exclusives.

And if Sony is planning something big like this, gamers can expect an announcement from the tech giant in the coming months, possibly in March 2022.

So far, Sony has not shared any information to suggest that they will be shutting down PlayStation Now in the future or are considering making any big changes to its PS Plus services.

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