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After a week of heated debate around the latest free PlayStation Plus games in October, there has been some surprising news.

An exciting discovery has been made online that could point to a massive upgrade to one of Sony’s other services.

And it could be a game-changer so much that some current PS4 owners might even be persuaded not to buy a PS5 console to use something so exciting.

According to a new finding, Sony is developing a new technology that could allow the delivery of PS5 games.

And if that was something that could be achieved next year, let the PS Plus skip over and spend some cash on PlayStation Now.

PS Now is Sony’s video game streaming service and currently allows you to play PS4 games using an Internet connection on consoles and PCs.

It doesn’t support PlayStation 5 titles and that’s not a big blow considering how few next-gen games are out there right now.

But by the end of 2022, there will be growing demand for PS Now to be upgraded to offer something new.

And with the latest PS Plus line taking such a hit from PlayStation fans, it might make sense to create an alternative for bored subscribers.

The patent found online is called Ultra-Fast Low Latency Network Storage and comes with this summary description:

“Non-volatile matrix memory (NVMe-oF) is used to stream videos, computer games and more to client devices from network storage embodied by solid-state storage devices (SSDs). To ensure redundancy, multiple copies of the same piece of content, such as a computer game or a video file, are stored on multiple SSDs.

“To provide information to manage block-level storage based on a customer demand for the content, a data structure correlates each content with the SSDs and associated block numbers to which the content is stored. The provisioning of content as it is delivered can be dynamically switched between SSDs to allow for load balancing or loss of an SSD.

There is no way to know if this system will ever be rolled out to help host streaming PS5 games over the internet, or if this is just a design experiment.

There are many patents that are never implemented and it is possible that this is one of them.

But with video game streaming set to gain greater prominence in the years to come, it would make sense for Sony to want to upgrade its current subscription service to PS Plus and PlayStation Now.

For those looking for a new PS5 game to download this week, PlayStation Plus’s current roster includes Hell Let Loose.

The full description shared by Sony reads: “This WWII-inspired multiplayer title combines epic 100-player battles with a unique resource-based, RTS-inspired metagame, where commanders lead the flow of battle and coordinate powerful in-game abilities that influence the team’s march to victory.

Team up and take on enemy fighters online in 50v50 skirmishes on a dynamic evolving frontline, choose one of 14 playable roles within Infantry, Recon, and Armor unit types, each equipped genuine weapons, vehicles and equipment. “

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