Free Games Xbox Game Pass: “Rainbow Six Extraction” and “Mass Effect” Remasters New Additions in January

Microsoft has huge offers for Xbox Game Pass members in early 2022. The remastered “Mass Effect” trilogy is one of the titles to be added to the subscription service this week, while the company has also announced access. Free on launch day to the next “Rainbow Six Extraction”.

The “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” will be added to the EA Play library, which means it will be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members. The subscription plans, which cost $ 14.99 and $ 9.99 respectively, both include a free subscription to EA Play. The pack, which includes remastered versions of the original “Mass Effect” trilogy, will be available from Thursday, January 6.

Several games from independent studios will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog this month, including “Outer Wilds” from Mobius Digital. In the game, players are stuck in 22-minute time loops, but they gain and retain new knowledge which they can then use in the next cycle. The 2019 action-adventure title, which won the best game award at the 16th British Academy Games Awards (BAFTA), will also be available on Thursday.

Meanwhile, there is a brewing partnership between Ubisoft and Xbox. The former said in a recent statement. The announcement has since led to speculation that it could lead to a similar deal that brings EA Play to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass plans at no additional cost to members.

As mentioned, “Rainbow Six Extraction” will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the first day of its launch on Thursday, January 20. It features PvE gameplay with familiar “Rainbow Six Siege” operators and will allow players to complete missions on their own. or in squads of up to three members. But that’s not the only thing Ubisoft has planned for its fans on Xbox.

Ubisoft announced this week that its “Ubisoft + subscription service will be coming to Xbox in the future.” Ubisoft + is also a subscription service, but it is mostly offered on PC and other devices through cloud gaming for $ 14.99 per month. It is not yet clear whether the announcement meant that Ubisoft + would be offered to Xbox Game Pass members in a similar fashion to EA Play, but the addition of “Rainbow Six Extraction” appears to be a test in the water for Ubisoft.

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