Free games with Xbox Game Pass in January

The Xbox Game Pass general subscription service kicks off the year in-game with great fanfare, with multiple titles and a variety of games, Game Pass introduces the Entertainment Reach in January 2022.

For a monthly subscription with Xbox Game Pass, you can access your game library on your Xbox console and PC. Therefore, all games are completely free and new titles come out regularly called Netflix for games, call it a modern and smart gaming service and hopefully more console makers will bring it in the future.

The long awaited Mass Effect

Many exciting titles are coming in the future, and the most anticipated is of course the popular RPG “Mass Effect”, which will be released today, January 6th.

The lineup includes popular role-playing games, indie games, puzzle games, relaxing “Spelunky 2” games and the best games of all time according to, rymdäventyret “Outside Prairie”.

January 4th

● “Gorogoa” (Konsol, PC, Cloud)

● “Olija” (console, computer, cloud)

● “The Pedestrian” (Konsol, PC, Cloud)

January 6

● “Legendary Mass Effect Edition” via EA Play (Konsol, PC)

● “Embr” (Konsol, PC, Cloud)

● Outer Wilds (Konsol, PC, Cloud)

January 13

● “Spelunky 2” (Konsol, PC)

● “The Anacrusis” via the game preview (Konsol, PC)

Meanwhile, the following titles will be phasing out on January 15th, so check them out and take the opportunity to play them if you haven’t already.

● “Desperados III” (Konsol, PC, Cloud)

● “Tale of ghosts” (PC)

● “Kingdom Hearts III” (Konsol)

● “Mount & Blade: Warband” (Konsol, PC, Cloud)

● “Pandemic” (Konsol, PC)

● “Yiik: a postmodern RPG” (PC)

Which game can you try for free with an Xbox Game pass?

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