Free games on PlayStation, Xbox and PC for this weekend (August 5-7)

The best way to forget the heat wave is to take our minds to other worlds, to other places where we can have adventures and distract ourselves from the noisy fan we live glued to. And to achieve this, we offer you a new selection of free games that allow you to refresh yourself and dive into new stories. All are available until at least August 8.

Far Cry 6 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Ubisoft likes to use weekends to test its games and this week will be no exception with Far Cry 6. The full game and all free DLC released so far will be available for us to wreak havoc on Yara over the years. years. weekend on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC.

Not mocked! on pc

This week, the Epic Games Store presents Unrailed!, a cooperative indie game with a Minecraft twist that challenges us to build the longest railway in the world with our friends. It’s a fun proposition that has a 77 on Metacritic and 4.8 stars (out of 5) in store ratings. It will be available for free download until August 11, 2022.

Steam’s latest free craze

Despotism 3k defines itself as a game with “a humor darker than your ex’s heart.” This crazy indie was released a few years ago and is now completely free on Steam, where it proposes that we become an evil AI who wants to enslave humanity and build his own empire. But of course, we will have to keep an eye on our subjects so that they do not succumb to exhaustion and hunger or dispose of the weakest by throwing them into a bioreactor. Full of jokes and popular culture references, the Slaughterhouse has never been more fun let alone at this price.

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