Free games on Epic Games 2022: SMITE Season 9, Paladins Season 5, Dauntless and more!

Till date, many gamers are still looking for free games and this is something that Epic does not fail to provide. A new range of Epic Games free games have been revealed for 2022 and these not only include classics like Warframe and Genshin Impact but also Dauntless, Paladins and SMITE.

Top 10 Free Games Epic Games 2022

Genshin Impact

Is Genshin Impact still worth playing in 2022? The answer is yes since miHoYo constantly provides updates improving the games system, mechanics, characters and storyline from time to time.

rocket league

Rocket League’s unique concept is still enjoyable in 2022 and for those who haven’t tried playing the game yet, the game revolves around customizable cars playing football. MrBeast recreated the game in real life on a video uploaded to YouTube.

Rogue company

This game is a third person tactical action shooter much like Valorant but with a more gladiator, tactical, futuristic and military edge. The game lets players use “powerful weapons, high-tech gadgets, and game-changing abilities.”


SMITE Season 9 takes players to a mythical battleground with its tagline “the battleground of the gods”. For fans of legends and myths, the game allows players to use iconic characters like Zeus, Loki, and Sun Wukong among others.


This online action RPG lets players battle Behemoths in a rich, evolving Monster Hunter-style world. The game is free to play, but sells packs that allow players to get a head start with better armor, weapons, and more platinum (the in-game currency).

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Paladins is now in its 5th season, and just like Rogue Company, it also takes a Valorant-like approach by being a free-to-play fantasy team-based shooter that lets users wield guns and magic.


Warframe has been hailed as one of the best free games that makes playing with friends extremely entertaining. Not only will players have a unique storyline, but they can also build an arsenal of destructive firepower and engage in thrilling, genre-defining combat.

star trek online

While Star Wars games are often quite expensive, Star Trek fans have nothing to worry about because Star Trek Online is free to play. Players will be able to command their own spaceship, explore new worlds, uncover secrets and seek new life.

never winter

The D&D-esque classic now has an MMORPG with an even deeper lore for heroes to explore as they advance through the world of Neverwinter. For die-hard D&D fans, the game includes classes, locations, and other encounters straight from the original game.

world of warships

The demand for new combat experiences has been hard to meet with so little in the way of warfare. World of Warships, however, takes warfare to the seas and allows players to take part in naval combat with real historical ships and extremely tactical gameplay.

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