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Available I free games from February 2022 from First game, Amazon’s subscription service linked to Amazon Prime, which offers full titles and bonus content for live games every month.

As always, you can go to Prime Gaming’s main page and scroll down to customize them.

Here is the list of February 2022 free games on Prime Gaming:

  • Stellaris (tradable on GOG)
  • As far as the eye
  • Ashwalkers: A Journey of Survival
  • Double Kick Hero
  • Golazo Football League

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and World War Z: Aftermath, two of the January 2022 games, also remain redeemable until February 7, 2022.

the most important game of the month is Stellaris, the Paradox Interactive 4X strategy much loved by the community and updated with a lot of content over the years. So, even though it dates from 2016, it is still followed and played. The player’s goal is to create a galactic empire by exploring space, interacting with other species and managing a space fleet.

We also see the other titles of the month: As Far As The Eye is a very colorful and quite unforgiving roguelike management software; Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey is a survival with a great atmosphere; Double Kick Heroes is a zombie-based shooter and Golazo Soccer League is a soccer game reminiscent of the arcade classics of the genre.

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