February 2022 PS Plus Free Games Surprisingly Haven’t Leaked Yet

Undoubtedly, many are delighted to see what the PSMore free games for february 2022 will be. They are expected to be announced on Wednesday, January 26, ahead of their February 1 release. Right now, there’s one major aspect of PS Plus free games for January 2022 that many fans are hoping to see return: two PS5 games.

For January, both Galactic Deep Rock and Dirt 5 had native PS5 versions offered on PS Plus. The third, Persona 4 Strikers, was the only full-featured PS4 game on the list, which doesn’t mean PS5 owners couldn’t play it, but the other games rewarded them a bit more. The surprising part is that, while the official announcement is scheduled for tomorrow, many expected to find out sooner.


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Will PS Plus free games leaks end in 2022?

It’s obviously a bit early to spell out the apocalypse, but it’s worth noting that French forum Dealabs has been leaking free PS Plus games in advance, with precision, for the past six months or so. They were all made with a high degree of accuracy, and so it is clear that they were based on insider information. Leaks, if not done tactfully, tend to do more harm than good, but for the most part it just got official fan confirmation shortly before the reveal.

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We don’t know what happened or if anything happened. As it stands, there have been no leaks for PS Plus free games for February 2022, and that’s unlikely to happen – at least as it has in the past – now . This could happen just before tomorrow’s announcement, but it would be a shorter time frame than usual. If it happens, it’s probably not a big deal, but it’s curious why it hasn’t happened yet.

All in all, there are a few possibilities (although this is just speculation). Sony could have intervened by asking Dealabs to no longer publish these messages or to allow their publication. It could be that user BillBil-Kun, who was responsible for all of this, got in trouble for the company. These are the worst possible scenarios, and it’s more likely that either BillBil-Kun just didn’t get the information this time around, or he no longer has access to his source. It could be unique, or it could mean there are no more PS Plus leaks – at least via Dealabs – this year.

Nevertheless, it is a mixed bag. It’s not the most harmful leak in the gaming industry, but it takes that surprise away from many fans. It’s something Sony would naturally want to protect, but at the same time why there isn’t a leak might be more trivial than that. Either way, the official games are set to be revealed tomorrow, January 26, and whether or not a leak occurs shortly before may hint at the state of PS Plus leaks for early 2022.

PSMore subscribers typically receive a handful of free games each month.

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