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During the colder months, many families come together to watch movies and play video games, especially during the holidays when workers have time off.

Some make it an annual tradition of exchanging recent releases and gathering around the TV to play games and watch shows or movies.

“’Yellowstone’ is really big right now,” said Lee Gibbs, managing director of Tahlequah Cable TV. “And the ‘You’ series seems to be getting a lot of talk.”

Peacock broadcasts seasons 1 through 3, and season 4 was picked up by Paramount. “You” can be viewed on Netflix.

Harry Potter fans can watch “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament” which airs on a variety of services. The entire Harry Potter film collection is available on Peacock.

Also popular is Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time”, which has been made into a series on Amazon Prime, and “Squid Games” on Netflix continues to be popular.

Disney + has just released Marvel’s “Hawkeye” TV series, which received good reviews. For the holidays, “Home Sweet Home Alone” is a fun family movie.

Netflix has released a number of Christmas movies this year, including “A Boy Called Christmas”, “Love Hard”, “A Castle for Christmas”, “Single All the Way”, “The Princess Switch 3”, “Robin Robin “, and” David and the Elves “.

HBO Max released “8-Big Christmas”, Sling TV released “Silent Night” and Hulu released “The B * tch Who Stole Christmas”. Amazon Prime and Google Play broadcast “Christmas Against the Walters”.

Gibbs also recommends watching the Christmas classics.

“Christmas shows are of course popular in Disney’s’ Santa Clause ‘(Disney +) and’ Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ‘(Amazon / Apple TV, Google Play), and other animated shows such as’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas “(Hulu, Sling) to classics such as” It’s A Wonderful Life “(Hulu, Amazon) – and” A Christmas Carol “. One of our family’s favorites is “Christmas Vacation” (HBO Max), ”he said.

For those who prefer to play video games, individually or with the family, the options are numerous. Kyyrin Christian of Game X Change said this year that many families will be buying games for Nintendo Switch.

“They tend to be a good family alternative. There are a lot of friendly games that everyone can play,” she said.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl released earlier this month and will be a popular Christmas stocking for kids. Mario Party Superstars was released in October and is a perfect multiplayer game for kids and adults. For those who want to get in shape, Just Dance 2022 was released in November. There is also a new update for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

“There’s a whole bunch of people digging into this, including me,” Christian said.

For those buying a new Switch, she recommends getting screen protectors and a carrying case.

For Xbox 360, Halo Infinite was released on December 8 and will be popular with teens. Other popular games include Forza Horizon 5, Far Cry 6, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Battlefield 2042.

Regardless of the console, Christian said it’s a good idea to stock up on controllers.

“Nintendo Pro controllers are really cool. They have no input latency. They are also very comfortable, heavy. They can fall. They are Nintendo products so they are made from ‘Nintendium’ and are indestructible for the game. most, “she said.

For gamers who play online, gaming headphones are a great gift.

Another advantage of the gaming industry is that many games are becoming cross-platform. For example, a player on an Xbox can play against someone on a PC or another console.

“For console gamers, there are an increasing number of games that can be played with different consoles. With Final Fantasy 14, PS4 and PC gamers can play together,” Christian said. “Dead by Daylight is compatible, so you can play with people on PC Switch, PS4, and Xbox. “

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