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At this moment, the Epic game store given Death by the light of day and As long as it’s true: learn () until December 9. The former is an incredibly popular asymmetric multiplayer game, while the latter is defined more as an educational experience. With these additions, EGS is really adjusting the variability of its game offerings, as this multiplayer and educational experience will be followed by an action RPG and simulation game on December 9.

From December 9 to 16, Epic Games Store users will be able to claim Godfall: Challenger Edition and Prison Architect. The first is a bit of a weird situation, but for fans curious about it as well as Prison Architect, here’s what players need to know about them.


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Epic Games Store Free Game December 9 – Godfall: Challenger Edition

divine boss fight

Godfall: Challenger Edition has sparked some controversy among PS Plus subscribers as it is also available in December on PS Plus. In the fall of godIn the base game, players must equip Valorplates to defeat a Mad God. Many expected the full game, and it may have been a good redemption arc for the game. However, PS Plus subscribers and EGS users are actually getting Godfall: Challenger Edition, which is described as a “discounted limited edition” by Counterplay Games.

Essentially, the “discounted price” means that after exiting PS Plus and EGS, players can pick it up for a price of $ 15. “Limited functionality” means that the aforementioned story does not take place in this version of the fall of god. Instead, players are essentially given one endgame character and can complete three endgame activities. These include Lightbringer, which is a horde-like game mode where players must push back the darkness by sealing Dark Tears in a race against time; Dreamstones, which allow players to relive Orin’s memories and crush loot at high speed in random encounters with selectable modifiers; and Ascended Towers of Trials, which is an infinite turn robot style mode until you die with a focus on bosses.

Epic Games Store Free Game for December 9 – Prison Architect

the prison architect authorized to extend the transfer

A few months ago, the Epic Games Store offered users The escapees. It’s about escaping the prison, and now the fans are getting Prison architect, which is a construction and management simulation game based on the management of a prison. These unique premises attract fans of simulation games as well as non-sim gamers based on this one premise. Players are hired by a CEO to run a for-profit prison and are responsible for building facilities, hooking up utilities, hiring and managing staff such as accountants and janitors, the integration of reform and work programs, scheduling, etc.

Each prison, which can be subject to additional conditions, is evaluated by the game and thus determines the performance of a player. These ratings are usually based on the recidivism rate, happiness, violence in prison, etc. Each prison itself is also categorized into different classes such as Minimum, Medium, Maximum, and Supermax security. Players can also build women’s prisons, psychiatric wards, and more, and its holistic approach has inspired other simulation-based games.

Achieving a certain failure condition can result in the player being “fired” and this includes riots requiring the National Guard, bankruptcy, too many prisoner deaths, too many prison breakouts, too many guard deaths, too many postponements. on parole and too many abusive executions. Globally, Prison architect has excellent reviews for its content, averaging in the mid-80s on most platforms on Metacritic.

Epic game store users get a few free games every week.

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