Epic Video Game Retailer Dates Success, Guarantees More Social Options Coming Soon


After a year of construction, parent or parent Fortnite retailer will release this problematic device in a few days.

If you didn’t have an effective tool in the Epic video game store, you might be successful. After a year of painstaking painting with other builders, the old man’s shop Fortnite will integrate these unlockables, already part of the company, from next week. Sure, it will be more effective in six video games.

“We are pleased to report that there is little or no preliminary availability left of Epic’s successful device, which incorporates a set of equipment that allows manufacturers to activate the platform’s achievements. temporarily and simply. This means that, starting next week, you will start making money via earnings from epic video game achievements, ”the company main points in a commentary.

Provided by Epic Games Store

At release, there will be mostly six video games with difficult situations to defeat: Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Humankind, Zombie Military 4 and Protection Grid. “We make every effort to transport this equipment to other manufacturers; we hope Epic’s accomplishments reach your favorite video games later this year.

Between achievements and trophies: how it works

Epic Games has opted for a device with similarities to the Xbox achievements in order to add issues of “enjoy”, but with an identical rating to the PlayStation trophies. So there could be 4 classes divided according to EXP, successfully platinum this is bought when it earns 1000 XP in a sport.

  • Bronze = 5-45 XP
  • Money = 50-95 XP
  • Gold = 100-200 XP
  • Platinum = 250 XP
Provided by Epic Games Store

The implementation of the achievements is accompanied by a whole new phase of tracking within the brand of the American company. “This webpage lists all the epic achievements for the sport, displays your growth on each one, and highlights the epic achievements you might be about to unleash,” they explain. “You will also be able to view all the epic achievements on the sports data pages while browsing the store.” Epic Video Games closes its comment by stating that they are making paintings on new social options and rewards for gamers.

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