Epic Games Store’s May 12 free games are packed with extra game modes

Every week, Epic Games Store users get a free game or two to claim. They can currently claim Terraforming Mars, but on May 12, they will be able to claim jotun and Prey (alongside its Mooncrash DLC). Prey is a replay on the service, but if EGS is going to have a replay, it’s a good choice. In fact, both of these titles are good choices for Epic Games Store users.

Epic Games Store was on a roll in April, and while Terraform Mars could be a dip in this hot streak, these two games reflect that he is sticking to his newly acquired weapons. The Epic Games Store followed the pattern of the last few weeks by introducing a big popular game to the service and a beautiful indie game (or equivalent) that could easily turn out to be a hidden gem. But what sets these two apart is the “extra” content they contain.


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Epic Games Store Free Games – Jotun, the Hidden Gem

jotun puts players in the shoes of a deceased Viking woman named Thora, as she tries to redeem herself after an inglorious death. Thora must travel the realm defeating elemental giants in order to gain access to Valhalla, including a plant giant, lightning giant, ice giant, fire giant, and warrior giant. It’s a loose interpretation of the meaning of Jotun, but the name of the game is pretty obvious.

In terms of gameplay, Jotun describes itself as an action-exploration game although there are plenty of puzzles as well. Exploration leads to finding runes to free the aforementioned Jotun, then using Thora’s Axe, the blessings of the gods, and the player’s skill to defeat. God powers Thora can access include Frigg’s Heal, Freya’s Speed, Thor’s Hammer, Odin’s Spear, Loki’s Lure, or Heimdall’s Shield. After each Jotun is defeated, players will learn more about Thora’s life before his death.

Players will explore nine levels all based on Viking mythology; she has been accessing it since jotunthe Ginnungagap hub. It means Emptiness. There are five areas, each consisting of two stages except one (which makes nine levels). Beating both stages leads to the boss fight.

What really sets it apart is jotun‘s visuals, as it is hand drawn with frame by frame art. Many also praised the story, even though the combat itself is quite straightforward. There are 2-3 hit combos, heavy attack, light attack, and dodge, but these fit well with the game visuals. Additionally, players should be aware that the version of the game that they get is the Jotun: Valhalla Edition, which includes the titular Valhalla mode. jotunValhalla mode is basically a Boss Rush mode, where players have to fight the various bosses again. However, they have been changed to be even harder. For players looking to add even more challenge to this mode, there is an exploit to beat them all without taking damage.

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Prey hardly needs an introduction but is straight out of the Arkane Studios catalog (Dishonored, Deathloop) as a reboot of a much older game. Prey players wake up aboard a space station orbiting the moon, in an experiment gone wrong. The space station has been overtaken by aliens and players are being chased by them. The space station is full of secrets, and Prey players are fully equipped to find out what those secrets are.

Along with some pretty unique weapons like the Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor Cannon and the Nullwave Transmitter, players have access to a skill tree full of human and alien powers. The latter includes psionic abilities, morphing powers, and telepathic skills. In all of this, players can expect 15-30 hours of gameplay, but that’s not all fans get.

PreyThe beloved Mooncrash DLC is also free as part of this Epic Games Store giveaway, and it comes with additional content. Mooncrash takes place shortly after the events of the base game, where the moonbase has stopped transmitting. Peter, a hacker, must find out why in a new roguelike campaign. Players must escape from the moonbase, but will have to do so in a campaign that constantly changes enemies, weapons and objectives.

They will also be able to unlock new Prey characters with specialist skills, including engineer Joan, security guard Bhatia, and psychic Andrius. Additionally, Mooncrash features Typhon Hunter, an online multiplayer mode. It is described as a “deadly game of hide-and-seek” as one survivor tries to outlast five other players who are mimic shape-shifting aliens. What’s clear is that Epic Games Store users are eating well on May 12, as both games are jam-packed with great content.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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