Epic Games Store will continue weekly free games in 2022

Epic Games has released its annual Epic Games Store Year In Review, a roundup of important stats about the digital storefront and its customers. It’s full of handy self-reported tidbits from Epic, which says that in 2021 there were over 194 million PC customers on the Epic Games Store spending $840 million, and a good number of people not spending any money. at all, with 765 million free games claimed from the 89 titles the service offered from a rotating selection at no cost. According to Epic, more is on the way.

In a section about 2022, Epic says weekly free games will continue, in addition to other much-requested improvements like voice chat and parties, community features like user-driven ratings and polls, and improved launcher speed and performance.

For those unfamiliar, the Epic Games Store offers a weekly selection of games that users can download for free with their Epic Games Store account. Games are announced in advance and available for a short time before new ones take their place. Claim a game within its availability window, and it’s up to you to keep it in your Epic Games Store library, download it, and play it whenever you want.

The games are only “free” because of the payments Epic Games makes to their developers, some significantly larger than others, all in an effort to attract new customers in a space still dominated by its competitor. , Steam.

This week’s free game is the action mech title Demon X Machina which can be claimed from January 27 to February 3.

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