Epic Games Store will continue to offer free games throughout 2022

Claim your free PC games every week.

There is an ongoing battle to claim the PC market. Valve’s Steam digital marketplace has been around for years, and it’s the dominant place for PC game purchases. However, Valve has found a major competitor in Epic Games. Epic has grown its digital PC marketplace and taken steps to secure more consumers on their service.

Epic Games offers a better revenue deal to developers and publishers for beginners. Then they went out of their way to secure exclusive rights for certain games. This has caused some games to either launch exclusively for the Epic Games Store or were timed launch exclusives, leaving those on Steam waiting even longer to play the game. Arguably their biggest movement, however, is free video game deals. Right now, gamers can get great video game titles without having to spend a penny.

It costs consumers nothing to create an account for the Epic Games Store. This is just another digital launcher for players to grab a game. However, even if you don’t pay for a single game, the Epic Games Store is giving away a free game title every week. Every week, the company gave away games for free and had solid successes. Everything from small indie titles to big AAA games were featured. All you have to do is claim your free copy within a week.

Today we find out that Epic Games Store will continue to give away one free game every week throughout this year. That’s not changing, and that’s great news for PC gamers who want to enjoy something new throughout the month. In fact, this week players are getting free copies of Demon X Machina.


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