Epic Games Store should keep its weekly free games as mystery titles

Over the past few weeks, mystery titles have been announced for the Epic Games Store, and this secrecy is so good for the service that it shouldn’t end.

The past few weeks have been an exciting time for the Epic Games Store. What usually happens when the Epic Games Store releases a new free game is that it announces the next one or two for the following week. This is a pretty good approach, as it allows fans to anticipate or plan ahead for the next title. Yet too often the conversation begins and ends on the same Thursday of each outing.

However, the past few weeks have shown just how much Epic Games Store users love these mysterious titles. It’s worth noting that these titles are bigger than the Epic Games Store’s typical free game selections, having included Borderlands 3the BioShock collection, and Wolfenstein: The New Order. On top of that, the Epic Games Store has also confirmed that the June 9 title is yet another free-to-play mystery game.


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When will the Epic Games Store free mystery games end?

At this time, it’s unknown when the line of free mystery games will end, but one theory posits that the free games will end on June 16, coinciding with the end of the Epic MEGA sale. That makes the most sense, and it would mean fans would potentially have two more mystery titles free by then.

That said, there’s no official confirmation as to when these Epic Games Store mystery title freebies will end, and there’s strong reason to think they might not be. Fans would be lying to themselves if they thought the Epic Games Store would continue to offer games like the BioShock collection, which includes some of the highest rated games ever made, but that doesn’t mean the mystery element should go away.

Even with the Epic Games Store typically offering smaller titles and indie games, there are plenty that have become personal fan favorites. The biggest thing Mystery adds week after week is the continued discussion and engagement with these Epic Games Store titles every week. There’s definitely a reason these should be saved for special occasions, so maybe the terminology should change, but it would be beneficial to keep the identity of each weekly release a secret.

After all, the Epic Games Store community has come up with theories, speculated on every new title, and thoroughly examined various clues. If the Epic Games Store were releasing mystery titles every week, teasing them and dropping hints in the meantime, that would ensure Thursday’s claim-and-forget approach isn’t the only one.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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