Epic Games Store Reveals New Free Games For December 2021

The Epic Games Store is revealing what free games it will be offering next week, including a game that should be familiar to PS Plus users.

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The Epic game store offers new free games every week, while also revealing the next free games that users can expect from the launcher. Every Thursday at 10am CT, the Epic Games Store updates to offer new free games, so users can jump in now and claim two new games for their digital game collection.

Until December 9 at 10:00 a.m.CT, Epic Games Store users can claim Death by the light of day and while True: learn (). Death by the light of day is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game where some players take on the role of survivors and one player controls a vicious killer. There are a variety of original killers created by Death by the light of day developer Behavior Interactive, but the real draw for a lot of people is the chance to star as iconic villains in horror movies. The other free game, while True: learn (), is an educational game about machine learning.


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Epic Games Store users have until December 9 to claim Death by the light of day and while True: learn (), and unlike other free game promotions, EGS free games are completely free. No subscription is necessary; all users need to do is download the Epic Games Store launcher to claim the free games.

Epic Games Store Free Games For December 2021

epic games store free games december 2021 godfall
  • Dead by Daylight – until December 9

  • while True: learn () – until December 9

  • Godfall: Challenger Edition – December 9-16

  • Prison architect – December 9 to December 16

In the meantime, the Epic Games Store has revealed the free games that will also arrive next week. From December 9 at 10:00 a.m.CT through December 16 at 10:00 a.m.CT, Epic Games Store users can claim Godfall: Challenger Edition and Prison architect. What’s interesting about the free Epic Games Store games for next week is that Godfall: Challenger Edition is also one of the free PS Plus games for December 2021.

Godfall: Challenger Edition has proven to be controversial since its announcement. Instead of offering the full the fall of god to live, Godfall: Challenger Edition focuses on endgame content. It does not include the base game story content or the Fire & Darkness expansion and allows players to have a fully leveled character from the start. Some PS Plus subscribers have expressed frustration about it, and it’s possible Epic Games Store users will feel the same way. However, since the free games from the Epic Games Store are completely and truly free and do not require a subscription like PS Plus, there may be less backlash.

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