Epic Games Store free games for September 22 is the best kind of time

On September 22, the Epic Games Store is pushing quantity in the best possible way, with two games that will be major wastes of time for fans.

One of the best parts of the Epic Games StoreWeekly game giveaways are that there are no real expectations of what kind of content fans will receive. It gives it all, big and small, and some weeks’ deals are eerily similar and others are completely different. You could say the Epic Games Store has a streak for indie games, and that’s true enough, but its selection guarantees the variety of games it offers. Indie games are great for that.


Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and it’s just as important for any gaming service like the Epic Games Store. Its current free games are The captain and Spirit of the North, both of which are interesting indie games, and the next selection will be available on September 22 at 10 a.m. CT. This offer is extremely different in content but required huge investment from the player.

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Epic Games Store offers hundreds of hours of content for free

Ark: Survival Evolved and dark haven are the next major freebies on the Epic Games Store. Ark Almost needs no introduction, but it is an action-adventure survival sandbox game where players are thrown into a world where they must survive alongside its dinosaur inhabitants. Meanwhile, dark haven is a tactical dungeon crawling RPG derived from the tabletop game of the same name. A dinosaur game and a tabletop adaptation not involving dinosaurs as a whole are about as different as they come, but they have one major thing in common.

Because Ark: Survival EvolvedThe maps are so intense that the basic content can take dozens of hours to beat. Combine that with its open approach to sandbox play, and players easily invest hundreds of hours into Ark: Survival Evolved and may never even see the “end”. The open-ended nature of the game is to the benefit of anyone who loves dinosaurs and wants to bring their humble character to a surviving master. Meanwhile, dark haven has 95 main quests, 17 playable classes and an in-depth approach to its content, where the main campaign alone will easily take hundreds of hours to beat, alongside other odds and ends. In short, fans are spending tons of hours on the Epic Games Store, all for free, and the quality of the content certainly justifies its quantity.

One of the benefits of Epic Game Store always revealing its content in advance is that players can plan ahead. If anyone is looking for a short game, they won’t get it on September 22, but next week could be completely different. If anyone is looking for a time sink, they are getting the best bang for the buck with the Epic Games Store with their next offering.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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