Epic Games Store free games continue with Second Extinction

The next pick in an Epic Games Store giveaway series is Second Extinction, an early access co-op shooter where you’re tasked with saving the world from a new breed of mutant dinosaurs. Just make sure you hang it up quickly, as it will come back to full price in less than 24 hours.

In Second Extinction, you and up to two friends fight your way through six different missions in the Early Access version (more content will be added later, of course). You can try to tackle the game solo, but the developer Systemic Reaction says the game is designed for co-op play, so if you know a friend or two with a grudge against the dinosaurs, you should probably let them know. agreement so that you can face the threat together.

Since it’s still in Early Access, it’s not as fleshed out as it likely will be when it fully launches. But there are still the six missions, as well as six heroes with unique abilities, 12 weapons with five upgrade levels each, and a few side quests. And by playing the Early Access version, you’ll be influencing Second Extinction’s global metagame called The War Effort. Systemic Reaction actively adjusts difficulty in various regions of the map based on player performance. If the developers think we’re having a too easy time, they’ll be up to the challenge for everyone, and vice versa if the dinosaurs kick our ass.

Second Extinction is free on the Epic Games Store, but it will be replaced tomorrow with a new free game. Bookmark this page to see what the next giveaway will be when it goes live.

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