Epic Games Store April 28 Free Games Are Wacky Hidden Gems

There is no doubt that Epic Games Store April had a good month, many are hoping this trend will continue for some time. It looks like the Epic Games Store has paired a big, popular game with a lesser-known title. The beauty of this method is that the big game can attract more players, while the lesser-known game gets time to shine. There are so many moving parts in the industry that no matter how good the game, many are often missed.

The Epic Games Store’s selection of free games has been on a roll, and these lesser-known titles no doubt play a part in that. It’s always nice to find a hidden gem that has flown under the radar and fall in love with this game. that they aren’t particularly well-known, fans should always be sure to check them out. They are the definition of a hidden gem.


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Epic Game Store Free Games For April 28 – Just Die Already

Just die alreadyy is a sandbox game created by developers who worked on goat simulator, and that should tell fans everything they want to know. goat simulator was known for his off-topic antics, and Just die already takes the same approach and applies it to seniors. As far as the story goes, the players are an old person in a world where people won’t have kids anymore – they play video games instead of working. Players are kicked out of their retirement home and must complete wacky tasks to earn free retirement care, summed up in the game’s tagline: “how are you going to survive in a world that wants you already dead?”

In this one, players are completely breakable due to their brittle old bones, but still have to complete challenges like launching from a catapult to land on someone else. Just die already has 4-player online multiplayer, so players can take on challenges together or just wreak havoc as retirees. Players can interact with all sorts of materials, like trampolines, electrical wiring, air horns, bazookas, and jet packs, while the millennial and zoom population, depending on their age, react appropriately.

Epic Games Store April 28 Free Games – Paradigm

Meanwhile, Paradigm is a classic point and click adventure game. He saw better than Just die already, but still, both are hidden gems for their goofy qualities. Players assume the role of the titular character, Paradigm, a mutant haunted by a candy-vomiting sloth. He wants to finish his last EP, but he has to become the savior of the world instead, which is a real disappointment. Not to mention that the candy-vomiting sloth isn’t the weirdest character he’ll meet; there’s a superhero who’s not really a superhero, and a glam metal cult leader… who’s also a pug.

Players can also go on a date with a toaster. If all that doesn’t sell the game, nothing will. Paradigm and Just die already are both goofy games, and anyone who decides to check them out on the Epic Games Store is sure to get a little laugh.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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