Epic Games Store Adds 2 Free Games, Confirms Return Of Mystery Game Promotion

The Epic Games Store is giving away two more free games as well as confirming the return of its popular December mystery games promotion.

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the Epic game store gives away free games every week, with new free games added on Thursdays at 10am CT. As expected, the Epic Games Store has updated its free game offerings starting Thursday, December 9, giving users the option to add two more games to their digital libraries. And unlike other “free” game promotions, free games from the Epic Games Store are completely free, with no subscription required.

The free games from the Epic Games Store for this week are Godfall: Challenger Edition and Prison architect. Godfall: Challenger Edition is a new version of the fall of god which removes the story content from the base game to focus exclusively on the endgame. Godfall: Challenger Edition allows players to reach the maximum level automatically and does not include the Fire & Darkness neither did expansion, which has proven to be controversial. Prison architect, meanwhile, is a well-received building game where players build and manage a prison.


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Godfall: Challenger EditionThe lack of content compared to the original version of the game has sparked controversy, but it seems unlikely that Epic Games Store users will be as upset as PlayStation Plus subscribers. Godfall: Challenger Edition is one of the free PS Plus games for December 2021, and because PS Plus costs money, these subscribers have expressed their disappointment. It doesn’t cost anything other than to download the Epic Games Store Launcher to claim the free EGS games, so Epic Games Store users may not be that crazy.

Epic Games Store Free Games This Week

epic game store free games december 2021 godfall prison architect
  • Godfall: Challenger Edition
  • Prison architect 2

Whenever the Epic Games Store releases a new bundle of free games, it usually reveals what the following week’s free games will be. However, the Epic Games Store is keeping next week’s free-to-play game a secret, teasing the return of its popular mystery game promotion. As some may recall, the Epic Games Store typically spends the month of December counting until the holidays with an Advent Calendar-like promotion where it offers a new mystery game every day.

It’s unclear if this year’s Epic Games Store mystery game promotion will be the same, where users get a new free game every day, or if it will be week-to-week. However, the return of the Epic Games Store mystery games is sure to generate some excitement nonetheless. Unless there is a major leak of the Epic Games Store mystery game like last year, fans will have to wait until Thursday, December 16 to find out what the first mystery game is.

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