Enjoy 15 days of free games, starting now


Looking for a new video game to dive into over the Christmas holidays so you don’t have to listen to your Uncle Keith explain why he thinks the Pfizer vaccine made one of his legs shorter than the other? We have what you need.

The Epic Games Store gets in the party mood with 15 days value of free video games. Starting today and running through January 6, Epic will be giving away one free game per day. There’s also a huge holiday sale with discounts on over 1,300 games, but I know that’s the free shit you’re really into.

As of this writing, you have until 4pm UK time to get your hands on Epic’s first free game: Shen Mue III. I’m not going to lie to you, the highly anticipated sequel to the Dreamcast cult classic isn’t the best game you’ll ever play…but it’s one of the most free games you’ll ever play. He also certainly has his fans. Maybe you will be one of them? Download it and see.

Be sure to check back with Epic every day for the next two weeks to see what freebie you can get your hands on. I’m confident enough to say the only way is after Shenmue III, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, and don’t forget: once these games are gone, they’re gone. Make absolutely sure you don’t miss anything, huh? Yeah.

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