Embracer Launches Embracer Game Archive for Video Game Preservation


Embracer Group launches Embracer Game Archive with the goal of contributing as much as possible to the video game preservation movement.

For the Embracer group (THQ Nordic, Gearbox Software, Saber Interactive), games are more than just games, they are cultural icons that deserve to be put in a museum. So that’s exactly what the Embracer Group will be doing with Embracer Game Archive – which just launched with a fresh new website late last week.

Video game preservation is the act of collecting and storing physical and digital copies of games for posterity. Most games, due to the breakable and fragile nature of their physical containers, are usually reproduced with digital copies to allow for future use and study of the games. With many games lost from our past that we may never see again, groups like Embracer are now keen to prevent those we have yet to lose to obscurity from ever being again. And so far, Embracer Game Archive already houses more than 50,000 games, consoles and accessories, creating a video game museum where people can study and learn about the video game industry and its history.

“By building a large archive of physical games, we want to preserve and honor the culture of games for a long time.” – Embracer Game Archive

The Embracer Game Archive will eventually have a database that catalogs every year – with the intention of networking it and collaborating with other video game preservation efforts around the world, as well as some traditional scholarly archives such as museums and institutions.

Embracer Game Archive is currently receiving video game specimens and is ready to purchase any physical video game, console, or accessory that is not yet part of its collection.

More recently, The Embracer Group made headlines when it was reported that it had purchased all of Square Enix’s western game studios, which came with their own IPs, including Deus Ex, Thief, and Tomb Raider. . Square Enix revealed that the move was driven by their intention to fully commit to NFTs, Web 3, and play-to-earn video games.

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