Download these two freebies from the Epic Store this week

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to download free games from the Epic Store as well. You have until September 3 to download Hitman and the Shadowrun Collection free. Here is what you need to know.

Last week, Epic Games offered Enter the Gungeon and Trigger of God; read more about it here. The new gift collection will replace last week’s headlines at 5:00 p.m. South African Standard Time (SAST).

Available on the Epic Games Store this week – August 27 – September 3


Hitman doesn’t need any introduction, but let’s do it anyway. Developed and published by IO Interactive A / S, Hitman is a stealth game that introduces you to Agent 47, the bad guy in every poster.

In the Standard Edition, you have the ultimate playground to become the master assassin while taking out your targets “with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle to an exploding golf ball”.

Epic’s free download this week features all of the Prologue Season 1 locations, Paris, La Sapienza, Marrakech, Bangkok, Colorado, and Hokkaido. New equipment and missions will be available as you progress.

Look: Hitman‘ trailer

Hitman is a critical hit, as you would expect. Brett Todd from GameSpot gives it an 8/10 rating and says the 2016 remake of the cult classic game has “unlimited replay value.” He explains:

“Expanded level design and nearly unlimited replay value from so many routes to your assassinations (and so many methods to complete them) make the experience almost completely different every time you play.”

To have Hitman here from 5:00 p.m. SAST Thursday August 27. You have until September 3 to download it for free.

‘Shadowrun Collection’

the Shadowrun Collection understand The Return of Shadowrun, as well as SHadowrun dragon fall (Director Cut) and Shadowrun Hong Kong (The long version). Plus, you get it all and it won’t cost you anything.

The game was created 25 years ago and has gained a lot of worship since then. It has now been modernized and takes place in the Seattle metroplex as the search for a mysterious killer continues.

Look: ‘Shadowrun Collection’ Trailer

Note: This game contains adult content recommended for players over the age of 18.

“You will have to tread carefully, enlist the help of other runners, and harness the mighty forces of technology and magic in order to emerge unscathed from the shadow of Seattle.”

Dragonfall Director’s Cup is a standalone version of the critically acclaimed Harebrained Schemes Dragon fall campaign, while the Hong Kong Extended Edition is the flagship title of the series

Don’t wait, get it Shadowrun Collection here from 5:00 p.m. SAST Thursday August 27. You have until September 3 to download it for free.

Previous Epic Store offers

“Enter the Gungeon”

Enter the Gungeon – which was developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital in April 2016 – puts you in the middle of a “bullet hell Dungeon crawler”. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Follow a gang of misfits as they shoot, loot, dodge, and flip the table to personal absolution. Reach the ultimate treasure of the legendary Gungeon: the gun that can kill the past.

“Trigger of God”

God’s Trigger is an Indie Rogue type game created by One More Level and published by Techland; it gives the choice to play solo or with others. Be prepared, you will have to make decisions in a split second.

Trigger of God is a power fantasy where you take down enemies with speed and precision in a ballet of blood and explosions. Two heroes will work together and you will be able to switch freely between Harry and Judy, the Angel and the Demon in single player mode.

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