Don’t miss the best free games to play with Alexa as a family

You might have been using Alexa at home for a while, but really don’t know many of its functions. Amazon’s voice assistant has a series of apps of sorts called Skills, downloadable via the Amazon page. The platform even offers us the possibility of creating our own Skill thanks to a process that is not complicated at all. If you are looking for games to enjoy with your family, we will tell you how you can install them and what are the best options available.

How to install games on your device with Alexa

As we said a little above, to be able to enjoy the games through Alexa, the first thing we will need is to install them on our device. The process for this is very simple, and for this we only have to follow the following steps:

  • First we need to access the Skills page of Amazon
    • It is very important that we first log in with our account.
  • We are going to click on the button “Games and curiosities
  • We will search and select the game we want
  • Once in the game file, we will click on “Enable

This is the skills page for Alexa.

When we do this whole process, we just have to say “Alexa, open (game name)” and we can start playing. Keep in mind that not all games will have the same game settings and options.

The best games with Alexa to enjoy with the family

Amazon’s voice assistant offers a long list of games, perfect for enjoying with family or friends. Most are pretty simple, but you shouldn’t ignore them for that. We leave you with a selection of the best options available.


Akinator has been available for free for several years, both on browsers and mobile phones, and now also on Alexa. This is one of the most amazing games that you will find in this list, and perhaps one of the most striking.


Akinator’s protagonist is a genius who claims to know everything, and he’s not far off the mark. We will have to think of a person, and through various questions the genie will try to guess who it is.

animal game

Very similar to Akinator, but this time it will focus only on animals. Thanks to the Animal game, we can play with the little ones to make Alexa guess the animal we have chosen.

animal game

Alexa has a database of over 300 animals, so she can guess everything we’re thinking. It also contains many curious facts about themit is therefore also a didactic game.

Trivial Pursuit

A classic for family reunions, and which now we can enjoy without having a board with Alexa. There are few things we don’t know about this board game, which will have us testing our knowledge on all sorts of questions.

Trivial Pursuit

If you have young children at home, the game is adapted to the age of the participants, so they will have no problem answering the questions correctly. An essential that cannot be missing with your Amazon Alexa.

guess the movie

If you like the idea of ​​battling with other family members, but prefer to focus on the movies, Guess the Movie is the skill you’ve been looking for. Through excerpts of film dialogueswe will have to remember and try to guess which movie they belong to.

guess the movieWe will have three attempts to guess which movie it is., and if we don’t get it, it will go to the next candidate. We will even have the option of asking for a hint or for Alexa to repeat the dialogue again.

escape room

Escape rooms have become very popular in recent years. These are activities where, alone or accompanied, we will have to solve a series of puzzles to be able to leave a room.

escape room

Alexa has its own version of Escape Room, and it’s actually quite comprehensive. At present, offers 4 different scenariosamong which we can find a prison cell, an office, a car or a garage.

The chair game

We close the list with a classic which we will all have played at least once in our life. When we tell Alexa to start the game, the music will start playing and we will have to walk around the chairs while she is playing (the number of chairs will always be one less than the number of players).

The chair game

When the music stops you will have to “fight” to sit down in one of the available chairs, and whoever does not get it will be eliminated. Each round, one player and one chair will be eliminated, until only two players and one chair remain for the final duel.

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