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After much talk about Kyler Murray’s video game habits during the NFL offseason, Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan said most NBA players don’t watch games during the season either.

Appearing on The old man and the three podcast (begins at 44:45), DeRozan said he’s noticed over the past five or six years that there aren’t “a lot of guys who even watch basketball” in the league now.

“Most guys were playing video games,” he explained. “They were going home, playing video games. I remember, one of my coaches, Dwane Casey, we had a movie one day. We were playing against the Boston Celtics, and he asked one of the players – because that the night before Boston had played, too – and he asked one of the players, “What color jersey did Boston wear last night?” And the player didn’t know. He didn’t know. “

DeRozan noted that he takes it personally when players aren’t watching games, as he has to “watch every game” to better understand opposing teams’ tendencies.

There may be a generational divide in some sports right now. It’s not like video games are a new phenomenon, but the extent to which they play a significant role in an athlete’s life could increase.

Murray’s situation with the Arizona Cardinals became a major talking point after he signed a contract extension in July.

The Cardinals originally included a clause in the deal that required Murray to do four hours of independent film study each week during the season.

The discussion around the clause has reached such a point that some online sleuths have returned during Murray’s career to Track how it performed on weekends when Activision offered dual-experience weekends for Call of Duty.

Murray called an impromptu press conference on July 28 to discuss the situation.

“To think that I can accomplish everything that I’ve accomplished in my career and not be a student of the game and not have that passion and not take that seriously, it’s almost…it’s disrespectful and it’s is almost a joke”, Murray told reporters.

The cardinals finally eliminated the study clause in Murray’s contract because of the firestorm it caused.

In July 2019, Tyler Erzberger from wrote a story about some of the NBA’s biggest stars discussing their love of video games. Many of the players who spoke to Erzberger were 25 or younger at the time, including Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball.

Giannis Antetokounmpo told Erzberger that he reduced his game after entering the NBA.

DeRozan is certainly in his right mind that players could spend time focusing their attention on learning what opposing teams are doing to be better prepared for games. But there’s nothing wrong with taking a break on the holidays to rest your mind by turning on the PS5 or Xbox.

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