December 2021 PS Plus free games end the year with controversy, but that’s a good thing

After the last few months, few people had much confidence in the PS More selection of free games in December. Many will continue to claim that it’s better than the Games with Gold offerings, of course, but the last few months have seen many PS Plus subscribers get angry with the offers. Then the big PS Plus rumor from a trusted source came out, suggesting that fans would get Godfall, Mortal Shell, and LEGO DC Super Villains.

This, as it stands there, would have been a good month for the service. It wouldn’t have landed with everyone, but it did include a standard action RPG, a soul-like title, and a simple, fun LEGO game. Deadly shell and the fall of god are solid games to play while waiting Ancient ring, even if the fall of god didn’t have the best launch. It has been improved and would be worth replaying or for the first time for free, while Lego dc super villains really brings pure and simple DC fun. The problem is, while Deadly shell and Lego dc super villains can accomplish this, it is impossible to do with the fall of god when it is not a complete game.


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PS Plus free games for December 2021 Godfall: Challenger Edition explained

keyart challenger godfall edition

The original rumors could not know, because the fall of god is technically a free PS Plus game this month, but it’s the “Challenger Edition”. This isn’t something that had never been mentioned or revealed before, which makes it impossible to predict, and it does not include the entirety the fall of god to live. In fact, many have called it a demo because it contains so little of the game.

The entire story is deleted, as well as the fall of godthe Fire and Dark expansion. Instead, players will jump straight to Endgame content with a final build, focusing on three game modes: Lightbringer (a horde-like mode), Dreamstones (relive Orin’s memories), and Ascended. Tower of Trials (exploration tower with bosses).

This led to PS Plus subscribers getting excited, calling the game a “demo”. In all fairness, that’s exactly what it sounds like, but Counterplay Games (developer of the fall of god) denies it. After Godfall: Challenger Editionon the PS Plus and Epic Games Store, it will be released as an in-game edition for $ 14.99. He denies that this is a trial or demo, instead calling it a new “reduced-price limited edition.” Many see this entirely as a marketing twist of the phrase demo, because that’s exactly what it is.

Globally, the fall of god had a promising month when it was first thought that the full game would be on PS Plus, but many are not happy with it and are spreading the word about it. That’s why it’s a good thing for 2022.

Why such controversy over free PS Plus games is good for 2022

free ps games december 2021

The PS Plus community is quite loud, and often it can seem like their cries are falling on deaf ears. After all, month after month, there are quite a few people who are upset with free games. The problem is, there isn’t enough to satisfy everyone in this regard, but Sony can change directions to make fans happy. For example, May 2020 was probably one of the worst times for PS Plus. Fans actually drew up a petition to change free PS Plus games, and it exploded. The same has happened several times since, including changing now for the sake of changing the fall of god at the full version, but never at the same level as at the time.

From there, Sony broke with its model and gave fans two big games for the following month. Quickly he also started his streak hot and switched to using PS Plus to push PS5 games and sales afterwards. It changed direction due to the anger of the fans, and it could have happened here too.

The truth is quite simple: Godfall: Challenger Edition may be a “discounted limited edition”, but PS Plus is intended to offer free games, not “discounted limited editions”. Many were quick to call it, call it a demo, and so on. This means that, assuming Sony hears and takes this into account, fans are unlikely to see another “discounted, limited-feature edition” appear on the service. No matter how fancy they are worded or what the result is, free games are meant to be free games, not free short versions of games. It’s a small thing, but it’s something that will clearly never appeal to PS Plus subscribers.

While a demo came out on PS Plus and was well received, regardless of the game, Sony may have done more work into the future of PS Plus. With that backlash, it stands to reason that this controversy ends PS Plus in 2021 on that low mark, but a lesson learned as it heads into 2022 and potential Xbox Game Pass competitor Codename Spartacus.

PS More subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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