Chirayinkeezhu student addicted to online games hangs himself | Kerala News

Thiruvananthapuram: A grade 8 student hanged himself in Chirayinkeezhu in Thiruvananthapuram district after allegedly becoming addicted to online games.

The deceased is Sabith Mohammed, the 14-year-old son of residents of Chirayinkeezhu Shanavas and Sajeena. His parents said they only found out about the mobile games he played after their child’s death.

Sabith, who returned home from class on November 8, had been happy to wear his new uniform. The boy who then entered his room was later found hanged.

Seeking to know the reason for the suicide, the cell phone was checked and password protected games and applications were found. The teenager used to get his hands on his mother’s phone under the guise of studying online. His father, who is abroad, or other family members at home were unaware of the boy’s addiction to online games.

Earlier, when Manorama News had signaled the dangers of online games, the Prime Minister had indicated to the Assembly that special surveillance by the police and advice would be put in place.

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