“CCP Games is rolling out audio and technical improvements for EVE Online”

“CCP Games is rolling out audio and technical improvements for EVE Online” – Games Press

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Today, CCP Games released the latest set of audio, technical, and visual updates for EVE Online as part of its ongoing EVE Evolved initiative. A major component of CCP Games’ “EVE Forever” goal, EVE Evolved is dedicated to improving the performance, technical capabilities, and visuals of the MMO spaceship for a beautifully immersive experience.

You can see the update video here.

Players can now experience the following improvements:

  • A its priority systemwhich amplifies important and relevant sounds while reducing CPU usage.
  • Controller refactoringa tweak that reduces memory usage for busy scenes and improves load/unload times.
  • AMD Freesync™ that eliminates screen tearing and stuttering, creating a smoother viewing experience without impacting performance.
  • A new iteration of Photon UInow in beta, improves player readability, modernization, and inventory control.

More information about the latest EVE Evolved updates can be found in the blog post here. Resources for EVE Online can be found here.

Stay tuned for even more EVE Evolved updates in the coming months!

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