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BlueStacks X means you can play Android video games from the cloud on any tool: it’s this online emulator

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BlueStacks started out as an Android emulator for Windows over 10 years ago, allowing someone to run local Arm or x86-based Android packages on Windows PCs and capsules. BlueStacks is now transitioning to the cloud and Brings Android video games to the browser on iOS, Windows Home, macOS, Android, and Linux units, or even in Discord.

BlueStacks X is launched today as the only cloud gaming operator providing mobile video game streaming on multiple platforms and units.

BlueStacks has built its hybrid cloud era under its logo to make this possible, mixed with Amazon’s AWS Graviton servers. BlueStacks X additionally offloads some computer and graphics renderings to native units due to the advancement of fashionable internet browsers.

The result is the ability to play many Android games in a browser without having to download.


14 video games so far

BlueStacks X launches in beta, with over 14 video games to play and the promise of more titles to add weekly. Video games like Raid: Shadow Legends, Disney Sorcerer’s Area, and Lords Cellular: Kingdom Wars are available these days. You will also use the popular local app to play over 200 video games now, but available in the cloud.

BlueStacks too created his personal Discord bot, Cloudy, which can be combined with Discord servers and it will allow friends to publish Android games to the cloud and share their sports lessons with others. “We’ll also be able to help you customize the games you need for your server, and for those who play these games in combination, you regularly connect to a Discord voice channel so everyone can click and play the game in. the cloud, ”said BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma.

A social feed can be integrated with Discord, so that if your good friend buys a weapon in a sport, it can appear in the Discord feed the same way that PlayStation and Xbox display achievements on their social feeds. “It’s like what Venmo did with PayPal“said Sharma.” PayPal simply sent the money, and Venmo integrated it into a social feed. “

BlueStacks provides all of this from detached form, with improved promotion for it.

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Play video games responsibly

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Video games are more popular than ever, with new technologies opening the doors to new and exciting gameplay virtually every week. As fun as gambling can be, experts say the activity is highly addictive and can take over your life if you’re not careful. I’m saying anything that is addictive can be used as a tool to motivate and balance your life.

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Play video games responsibly

Never be afraid of addictive activities – just use them for your best good. Take video games – just balance your life, responsibilities, and well-being by using them as a burden on the other end of the spectrum.

Of course, you don’t have to give up your games for good. Instead, you’ll want to learn to control yourself and glean the best aspects of the game. Here are some tips for becoming a responsible gamer so that you can enjoy your game time without disrupting your overall productivity:

Stick to a play schedule

The first step to healthy play is development of a schedule and stick to it. A schedule is a particularly important step for teleworkers who might be more tempted to connect to a game during working hours. Of course, a gaming program should restrict the time you spend on electronics, while still giving you plenty of time to relax and have fun.

For example, one hour of play on weekday evenings is enough to unwind after work without occupying the entire evening. You will still have time to do some household chores, eat dinner, exercise, and even run some errands as needed. When the weekend arrives, you can allow yourself a bit of extra play time, while limiting yourself so that you can devote time to at least a few more productive activities.

If you need more time – that’s okay – just set your time before you start and stick to the deadline.

Make video games an incentive

Treating video games as a reward rather than a necessity prompts you to accomplish more productive things with your day before you tune in. This approach is popular with parents raising children, but you can easily implement it in your own life.

For children, video game time is often saved by complete a to-do list or succeed in school. So why not do the same for yourself? Don’t sit down to start a game until you’ve won your time by finishing laundry or unloading the dishwasher. Each activity can save you some video game time, so you need to save your downtime.

But let’s face it – sometimes, for some reason, your game is a necessity. Okay – a necessity – but do your other things first, then do whatever you need to for your game.

Add some physical exercise

If you sit at a desk for a whole eight hours just to sit in front of the television for another three hours, your body is going to struggle now or later. Exercise not only helps you keep your figure, it provides energy, fights disease, and may even make you feel happier. Insert some physical exercise in your gameplay, video games will fit your lifestyle much better.

Let’s say you’re playing a multiplayer game that runs through 15 minute matches. In between each game you play, do a few exercises. You can even use it as an incentive. For example, do ten push-ups and ten sit-ups if you win the game, but do 20 of each each time you lose.

If you like to play single player games, you’ll need to be a bit more proactive with this. Consider setting a 15-minute timer on your phone to indicate when it’s time for a little exercise. Since most single-player games can be paused at any time, that should be more than possible regardless of which game you choose.

Play with friends

Why play alone when you can play with friends? Some studies show that playing video games with friends can actually make you happier. It’s a great way to socialize, especially over long distances.

When playing video games, try to take the time to play with friends. You will continue to develop social skills and make new friends and memories as if you were hanging out in real life. If you don’t have friends who play the same games as you, donate online communities A try. There are many social media groups filled with people looking to make new connections by playing their favorite titles.

Try new games

There are many mind-numbing games that can relieve you of stress for a few minutes, or they can trick your stress response thoughts into breaking out of a loop. But some games do little more than waste your time. Just be aware of the response you expect from your game.

Sometimes it’s good to turn your brain off for a while, but video games can be so much better than that. Give a little new games a try to try to challenge your mind as you play. Some colleagues have found an amazing retail store not far from the office where we can go for lunch or after work and learn new games. The owner is amazing – he even organizes games and competitions in his store at night.

Find yourself a new game, new players to share experiences with, and a new place where you can improve your skills with something that will add to your life.

There are hundreds of educational games even for adults these days. There are many puzzle and strategy games that you can try out for size. These types of games test your critical thinking and decision-making skills, which are also valuable skills in real-life situations.

Watch your emotions

Video games are meant to be fun, so don’t allow yourself to be overly competitive while playing them. When the losses start to pile up, some players get angry and pissed off – bench yourself if you take that step. Train well to keep your video games as a form of entertainment. Getting angry with games is the opposite of being productive, so monitor your emotions is a crucial part of responsible gaming.

If you’re stuck on a particularly difficult puzzle, or just visibly upset with your teammates online, you need some self-control to take a step back. Of course, it helps to have another task to focus on at times like these. Using your calendar, you can create your evening to-do lists that will get you out of a frustrating game if you need to put the controller down early.

Playing video games responsibly will help you enjoy life a lot more. You will be able to play on your own terms without letting gaming habits hamper your daily productivity, personal health and well-being.

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2001 was the best year for video games

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Everyone has their own ideas on the best year for video games, but it’s clearly 2001. The game had a moment as it entered the new millennium, freeing itself from the largely frivolous 1990s and itself. asserting as an art form worthy of attention. To. Developers were becoming more confident; the players widened their minds; technology was improving at a rapid rate; and the big publishers were becoming less risk averse, in a way that they haven’t been since and probably never will be again. It was a time when blockbuster games could be interesting and push the genre forward, and concepts like DLC and season passes didn’t exist. But above all, it’s the sheer volume of all-time classics released in 2001, especially on the PS2, that makes it a standout year and cements its legacy as the greatest 365 days in video game history.

The PS2, released a year earlier, had a breathtaking ride in 2001. After a rather disappointing start, Sony’s console unleashed a flurry of games that made it truly indispensable. In October, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 3, a groundbreaking and groundbreaking 3D open-world game whose impact on the game as a whole cannot be underestimated. Much of the open-world design developed here still influences the genre today. In September, Konami released Silent Hill 2, a masterful horror game that proved video games can be provocative, mature, and subtle, and tell difficult stories. November saw the arrival of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, a clever and weirdly premonitory hit action game that tackled big and heavy themes via giant robots.

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In September, Sony released the hauntingly beautiful Ico, which was one of the first video games I can remember that seemed to transcend medium and appeal to a deeper artistic level than just pure gaming. In May, Volition took the PS2 to its limits with Red Faction’s magnificent destruction system. That same month, Neversoft perfectly captured the essence of skate culture at the turn of the millennium with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. In August, Capcom’s Devil May Cry took the bones of Resident Evil and turned it into a game of exciting and elegant combat. Final Fantasy 10, released in July, saw Square Enix sharpen and refresh its flagship RPG series for a new era. You know what I mean? One after the other, and all on one console in one year. The PS2 is the best-selling console of all time, and with a library of games like this, it’s not hard to see why.

Silent Hill 2

In November, Microsoft launched the original Xbox, a console beast with awesome technology under the hood and a stellar launch game in Halo: Combat Evolved. Bungie’s FPS was a masterpiece of evocative world-building, furiously entertaining combat, and sensational multiplayer, secretly making PS2 die-hards jealous (I’m pretty comfortable with myself for it. ‘admit now) and sold 3 million copies worldwide in 2003. The hardware world, the Game Boy Advance was yet another great handheld from Nintendo, with a dazzlingly colored display and some solid launch titles. , including Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and a surprisingly excellent scaled-down version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. The PS2 and its library of S-level games may have defined the year, but it was also damn good for kids. hardware launches.

And don’t forget the GameCube. Nintendo launched its cute little cube not quite in late 2001 in Japan and the United States, which brought Animal Crossing to the world, and ultimately gave Mario’s beleaguered brother a starring role in Luigi’s Mansion. With its bulky, portable design (more consoles need handles), decent power under the hood, and a range of brilliant exclusives, the GameCube would go on to become one of Nintendo’s best consoles, even if it wasn’t. the case. fully have an impact until 2002/3. Yet 2001 marked its first appearance in the wild. He couldn’t compete with the mighty Xbox and PS2, but he never really tried to, weaving his own way through the gaming industry in a very Nintendo way.

PC gaming also had a strong year in 2001. Riding the wave of excitement around The Matrix, Remedy released Max Payne in July, a playfully cinematic slow-motion shooter. Combining intense, gloriously choreographed action with Norse mythology and a dark, harsh atmosphere, this was one of the best games of 2001 and it is still immensely playable today. Epic launched Unreal Tournament in March, a technologically mind-boggling FPS whose underlying technology, the Unreal Engine, would become a major force in the gaming industry. We also have curiosities like Lionhead’s Black & White, a bizarre god game starring giant creatures with convincingly simulated personalities, and Anachronox, an original turn-based RPG from Deus Ex creator Ion Storm.

Final Fantasy 10

Other highlights of 2001 include the first appearance of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on Game Boy Advance, the very first Pro Evolution Soccer, which would become the football game of choice for connoisseurs, and the strong debuts of Super Monkey Ball, Onimusha and Classic Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online, the very first console MMORPG. The year also saw the rise of the EA Sports BIG label, which made a name for itself with the frenzied snowboard game SSX Tricky. Capcom even created a few Zelda games for the Game Boy Color: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Honestly, has there ever been a more exciting time to be a player? Just a constant stream of innovative and interesting games, running on killer hardware, and with very little of the desperate, money-hungry stench that has started to fester in the triple-A space lately.

I didn’t even mention the likes of Advance Wars, Jak & Daxter, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Shenmue 2, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec or Zone of the Enders, but you see the picture. The evidence speaks for itself: 2001 was The Year of Video Games, and I don’t think we’ll ever see another like this. It was also a time of much less diminishing returns when it comes to hardware, when a new console could still amaze you with a leap in visual fidelity. Games look better than ever now, and titles like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PS5 still have that next-gen wow factor. But the transition from the original PlayStation to the PS2 was like stepping into another galaxy, and in 2001 developers really started to figure out how to get the most out of this hardware. In terms of technology, art, and creativity, this was truly a legendary unique orbit around the sun.

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Witcher fan saved from stabbing thanks to Gwent

How about a Gwent ride?

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Electronic Arts jumps by deciding to put more video games on Nvidia Cloud

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By Dhirendra Tripathi – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) stock rose 4% on Thursday as it agreed to put more of its video games on GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service (NASDAQ: NVDA) to target a wider audience.

Nvidia traded 1.3% more.

The initial set of Electronic Arts games are released today in more than 70 countries, according to a note from Nvidia.

This means that gamers who may not have a gaming PC or have devices like phones, tablets and chrome books that are not compatible will be able to stream the games and play them online.

For starters, the video game publisher put Battlefield 1 Revolution, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Unravel Two, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Apex Legends on GeForce.

Electronic Arts will have access to over 12 million players as a result of the merger. Collectively, more than 20 million hours of gameplay are streamed each month via GeForce NOW, from 30 data centers in more than 70 countries, Nvidia said in a note.

GeForce NOW is connected to the Steam and Epic Games stores. No additional development or porting work is required from the developers, while players have access to titles in their library without having to purchase the games again.

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Aston Villa ace reveals playing video games ahead of Copa America final against Brazil

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Emiliano Martínez played an important role in Argentina’s Copa America victory last summer. The Aston Villa keeper helped Lionel Messi win his first international trophy.

Ahead of the final match against Brazil, Martínez discussed what he did the day before this important game. In an interview with Yououtubeur Sebas Fernández, the 29-year-old explained that he spent the night playing video games.

“The truth is that every night I donate the PlayStation. Two o’clock. It’s my space, my time to distract myself. Before the game, I did it and I went to play. It helps me think of something else, ”Martínez said.

“Before the final with Brazil, I played a few maps for myself. After a while, I went to play the game. It helps me to think of other things, not to be on the phone all day, it relaxes me and it amuses me.

In addition, Martínez explains how video games allow him to be in his space and to diffuse himself from the life of a footballer. The Aston Villa keeper adds that playing video games will allow him to think about other things and not be on the phone every day.

The Argentina goalkeeper also adds that playing video games keeps him in touch with his family since he’s so far away in England. Martínez lists the games they all love to play and how competitive her family is despite being online.

“When I lived in Mar del Plata I spent all day with the ball, but at night it was all with video games. Today, I’m still connected with my friends there, and I connect to be in Call of Duty with them. I love this game ; I am a murderer. I go out in search of rivals, ”Martínez said.

“The group is also very united because we play cards, Among us, Call of Duty, some are with FIFA, ping pong tournaments. The group is competitive, and they came together like that. Before a qualifying match, we got involved with Ten guys in a room, and we got stuck until 2am. We had a lot of fun.”

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4 free online video games

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Facing the world of video games after streaming Netflix, TV series and movies online: This site offers 5 free video games in full version to all its subscribers

Fantastic news for Netflix subscribers: 2021-22 They will be able to download from September 28 (yesterday), except that they will be able to take advantage of all the new features that were announced a few days ago for the new season Four video games Absoutely Free The platform is dedicated to customers.

We are only at the beginning, we still have a lot of work to do, but we are very happy to offer these games as part of the Netflix subscription, with no ads or purchases on the processor.

A message from a company that makes many competitors tremble: after receiving Beta version tested in Poland, With a limited number of titles (2 only), is new Aggressive Netflix Strategy Seems more and more limited

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4 free video games on Netflix

Stranger Things: 1984

Developer: BonusXP (* US)
Game Plot: Live with Hopper and the boys in this amazing retro adventure with many collections on amazing trips to Hawkins and Upside Town

Dieter Up

Frost Pop Developer (* Canada)
Plot of the game: No dragons or monsters: the goal here is to get the ball into the hole by moving the platform against the laws of gravity and physics.

Shooting rings

Developer: Frost Pop (* Canada)
Game plot: Was a basketball shot won by sniper darts? Good idea! Throw them in the right direction to hit the basket and that’s it.

Exploded map

Sviluppatore: Rogue Game (* US)
Intrigue of the Game: In this fast-paced game perfect for those who want to try their hand at poker every time, you can create a successful hand and attack an entire house.

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Emiliano Martinez comments on playing video games with Argentina squad

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Emiliano Martinez spoke about playing video games with his Argentina national team teammates and how he prepared for the Copa America final.

Martinez revealed that he is a huge fan of video games. In addition to being Copa America champion and goalkeeper for the Argentina national team and Aston Villa, Dibu Martinez plays video games with members of the Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview with Ole, here’s what he had to say:

“Before the final against Brazil, I played a few Call of Duty games to relax.

“Looking ahead to a qualifying match for the World Cup, there were 10 of us in the same place to play among us. Until two in the morning, we played with everyone. We practiced in the afternoon and the truth is we had a lot of fun.

“In Among Us, the one that stood out the most was Tagliafico. He was the one who created everything and was the one who argued the most, the one who reflected the most. He was still beating us.

“From there, the group of the Argentinian national team plays, because we are united, we play cards, between us together, Call of Duty. There are guys who play FIFA like Lisandro and Cuti and they run tournaments or play ping pong. The group has become more and more united and mainly through games.

He also revealed that he has a line he says when he plays:

“From my group of friends, I am the one who goes to war, the murderer. Instead of “Look how I am going to eat you” penalties, here I say “Look how I am going to shoot you a bazookazo”, him. I walk everywhere with a bazooka.

“I like it. Apart from football, when I come home, I am with family and after that at night I have my video game spot to connect with my teammates from Mar del Plata. And the truth , is that I like it.

Besides, he also explained how he got started playing video games:

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always liked things related to (video) games. When I lived in Mar del Plata I played ball day and night, Playstation, Sega or Nintendo. Today in the day I play Mario Kart with my son and with my Argentinian friends we play Call of Duty. We are sick. There are four of us and we play as a team every night, always.

“Obviously not as an addict, but at 9:30 pm to 10 pm I go online and play for two hours. And these two hours, we still play, every day.

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Best Star Wars Gifts For 2021, From Video Games And Plush Figures To Baby Yoda

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Star Wars has pivoted heavily to television, with Disney plus shows as the Cartoon-inspired visions, the Bad lot, the next Boba Fett Series, the third season of The Mandalorian, and one heaps of others. These new stories will no doubt spawn enough new Star Wars merchandise to fill a Death Star, as if there wasn’t enough to choose from already.

There are also video games like last year’s Star Wars: Squadrons, which puts you in the cockpit of X-wings, TIE fighters and more. If you are not a gamer, you can also immerse yourself in the universe through dozens of books and comics on the Star Wars universe.

If you are looking for cool star wars gifts and collectibles for Clone wars– from obsessed kids or the original trilogy purist in your life, there’s something for every price range – from detailed action figures and fancy lightsaber replicas to fun board games and plush toys comforters and novels. And you don’t even have to go to the outer rim of the Galactic Empire and fight an army of stormtroopers to find them.

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Disney plus

Disney Plus is the online home of Star Wars – every major movie and show is on the streaming service. It costs $ 7 per month or $ 70 per year, and includes all movies, live-action series The Mandalorian, and animated shows The Clone Wars Rebels and The Bad Batch. There will be original shows coming up like The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi. (There are also new Marvel shows on the deck.)

EA / Screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

This PS4, Xbox One, and PC game lets you dress up as a New Republic or Imperial pilot in a short single player campaign and several multiplayer modes. You can also play the whole game in VR on PS4 and PC, and use a convenient throttle and stick, or HOTAS, for a complete piloting experience.

If star hunters aren’t your thing, there’s always 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order (coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X) or multiplayer-centric Battlefront 2. Spend no more than $ 30 on these – they’re on sale frequently, and you can often score Battlefront for as little as $ 10 or less. All three games are also playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X, through backward compatibility.


Lego has been making epic Star Wars sets for over 20 years, and one of the most recent is the 1,336-piece Imperial Cruiser Lightweight from The Mandalorian Season 2 finale. This Lego Star Wars set includes Mando himself, a little Grogu, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, Moff Gideon, and a Dark Trooper.


To be clear, not all Lego Star Wars sets cost more than $ 100. You can get many more affordable Star Wars toy sets, like the Clone Wars inspired Duel on Mandalore for $ 20.


This little guy captured hearts around the world when he debuted in The Mandalorian, and the plush version will make a great gift idea for any Star Wars fan.

Sean Keane / CNET

On the opposite end of the price scale, the Sideshow 16.5-inch (42-centimeter) figure is an incredible recreation of The Child if you’re looking for the ultimate Mandalorian collectible. At $ 375, it’s only for those looking to spend on the Star Wars fan in their life.

Sean Keane / CNET

If you want a reminder of the dangers of Hoth on your living room floor, a wampa rug might do the trick. No real wampa was harmed to do so, as they don’t exist.


Star Wars characters have been immortalized as action figures since 1977, and Hasbro’s 6-inch Black Series line has never looked better. Some of the coolest Star Wars gift options include the $ 21 Elite Team Soldier from The Bad Batch and the $ 22 Dark Rey from The Rise of Skywalker.

Sideshow Collectibles

The Imperial murderous robot that nearly ended Mando’s journey in the Season 2 finale is receiving the Hot Toys treatment. These sixth scale figurines are still beautifully sculpted masterpieces, no matter how expensive they are. The $ 260 Dark Trooper won’t ship until mid-2022, but it’s available for pre-order now.

If you’re looking for something sooner, the $ 315 Mandalorian and the Child (aka Grogu) Deluxe Set should ship in the coming weeks.

Random penguin house

The High Republic is a book and comic book series set 200 years before the movies and debuted with Light of the Jedi in January 2021. Charles Soule’s novel follows a group of cool Jedi as they investigate a major disaster, and it’s a fascinating read.


An elegant, collectable lightsaber for a more civilized Star Wars lover. Hasbro’s Force FX lightsabers feature realistic light and cool sounds, a metal hilt, removable blades, a display stand, and enough weight to make you feel like you’re holding one of the most iconic weapons in cinema.

One of the more recent versions is the lightsaber owned by Darth Sidious, which he used in The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith, for $ 250.

Fantasy Flight Games

If you are looking for a tabletop trip to the Star Wars galaxy for one to five players, this game lets you play as a Rebel Alliance hero or command squads of Imperial troops and AT-STs in the game. campaign and skirmish game. . This cool Star Wars gift even comes with small carved figures on both sides.

A game lasts an hour or two, making it a fun way to spend an evening.

The best board games we’re playing in 2021.

More gift ideas

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A guide to Manchester United video games

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Eince the first game consoles hit homes, soccer games have been a real passion in the UK.

As early as 1982 you could take over Manchester United on Kevin Toms’ Football Manager, and since then various games have given you control over your heroes. It could be the field action you crave, the boardroom cut and push, or even a number of other football-themed games that flow from the central concept.

Not all of these titles feature Man Utd; some don’t even feature too much football. Cristiano Ronaldo may well have come home after all these years, and if you want to control it in a video game, you might turn to Cristiano Ronaldo Kick ‘n’ Run, a game as loosely football-based as you’ll find it. If you are a fan of online slots, there are Top Trumps Football Stars. , another popular soccer video game theme.

If you’re on iOS or Android, Flick Kick Football is another example of a soccer-themed game using mechanics we’ve seen elsewhere – not unlike Angry Birds, using the flick mechanic that many games have. use on mobile devices. Whether it’s spinning slot machines, scoring goals, or running through the streets of Europe to collect coins, football has a big presence in video games. Today, you can enjoy football as much on your mobile device as you do on your home computer, but it hasn’t always been so.

While Man Utd are often a playable team in these video games, very few have their names on the cover. And even fewer could wear the badge in the years to come. Euro gamer explains how United are suing Sega for using their footage in the latest version of Football Manager.

Before long you might find it hard to manage United or play video games like them. If that happens, fear not, because you can still turn to these licensed vintage titles from Man Utd.

Manchester United Europe (1991)

After the English club returned to Europe, developers Krisalis worked on a title celebrating the success of the United’s Cup Winner’s Cup. With The Sealeys on the cover, Manchester United Europe released a range of personal computers, including Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari Lynx, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and Spectrum.

It was a follow-up game for the eponymous Manchester United from the previous year, and they did well with several critics at the time.

Manchester United Football Championship (1995)

Four years later, Krisalis was back on the business of developing a United game, this time only for Super Nintendo. The compulsion to play as United doesn’t bind you, and perhaps that was a popular brand used to change an average game.

It used the perspective of the first FIFA but graphically resembled Sensible Soccer. However, there was no official license for the other clubs, so the names were not changed so subtly.

Manchester United: Club Football (2005)

Ten years later, games licensed to specific clubs were becoming scarce due to the costs involved. One of the last series to do so came from Codemasters, the “football club” series. Man Utd got three installments of the game, the first in 2005.

Graphically, it looks a lot like the Pro Evo games of the time, but the appeal was limited to fans of the club. However, the presentation was very neat, and the game went well, plus the copies are worth some money today. The developers have created specific games for 22 clubs, including Celtic, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and, oddly, Leeds!

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