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Overlooked Benefits of Playing Online Games

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Online gambling is not a foreign concept to anyone these days. While some may miss out on the fun we get from outdoor games, online games are more or less able to fill the void.

In the current pandemic scenario, the importance of these games has doubled. With a lot of free time on people’s hands, online gaming has become a habit for some, and it doesn’t hurt if there are rewards involved as well.

Competence development

Few people understand how online games help people hone some of their skills. It is just as important to hone our skills as it is to acquire knowledge. Studies show that people who regularly participate in online games or video games have better memories and better reflexes.

Not only that, these individuals seem more focused than others. They are able to focus their energy and mind on a certain task better than others who do not play games. A sharp memory, good reflexes and concentration are certainly good attributes that a person can have.

Helps build confidence

Self-confidence is something that every individual wants for themselves, but people hardly achieve a good level of self-confidence. Video games can take a long time in a person’s day, but they can surely make them more focused.

With each victory, their confidence will grow. It is a good habit if it is developed in the right way. It should in no way become an addiction. Unless something like this happens, it is safe to say that online gambling has its perks.

More options

Online games also include casino games. You enjoy the ability to choose from a large number of games when playing online slots. Even though the number of online casino games available is far greater than what you will ever get at land-based casinos, there are also different versions of those at the online table. It also keeps players engaged as they know they might get a reward at the end.

Improved social connections

The current scenario puts us all in a difficult position. In these difficult times, isolation is becoming a common problem. Not many people believe, but online games can help bring people together. There have been too many people who have made meaningful friendships while playing online games. It makes you a better listener and a great communicator.

Relax an individual

Most people have extremely busy lives, but video games have proven to be of immense help in calming them down. People often get angry, but online gaming is a good option if they want to feel relaxed. Shifting the focus from negativity and stress to something more fun helps a lot.

In addition to involving an individual and helping to improve their concentration, online games can relieve stress like no other activity can. Online Casino helps you feel comfortable and relax after a long day at work. If you are an individual who enjoys online games, be sure to check this out.

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How much money is spent on online games? – Retail hours

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Online gaming has become much more than we once thought about gambling

Online games have become so much more than we used to think of games. The old stereotype of someone sitting alone in front of a large desk is gone; gaming is incredibly common these days, with people from all walks of life enjoying gaming on their mobile devices, consoles, laptops, and computers. They also include their own ways of really spending money – this has led to an incredible boom in the gaming market with more people than ever trying to participate in the action and the revenue.

But what is the current gaming situation? And how much money is spent on online games?

Gender diversity

Online games can be played alone, in multiplayer mode with friends and strangers, or in co-op

The more mainstream the game has become, the more diverse the selection is. Game companies now have to appeal to a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds. They need to be able to get as many audiences as possible to jump into the game and keep playing. Online games can be played alone, in multiplayer mode with friends and strangers, or in co-op. The most popular game genres are as follows.

Sports games

Online sports games have been popular for ages and attract, you guessed it, sports fans. Many different types of sports have been turned into video games, including team sports like soccer and hockey, track and field, extreme sports like skiing, skateboarding and running, and mountain sports. fight. In some games, your job is to play sports (think about Madden NFL series) while in other games strategy and sports management are the focus – as in Football manager.

Some of the most popular sports game franchises reflect the annual changes in the real world for teams, coaches and players.


Another very popular online game genre is role-playing video games (also known as RPGs). In this game, a player controls the actions of a character while being immersed in a world. The story and the settings are very important to these games, just like the characters. Many RPGs involve explorations of the world as well as quests – tasks that must be completed to complete a game’s story. Items and inventory, actions and abilities, experience and levels are all important for this type of game.

Casino games and poker

Another popular (and played) type of online game is casino and poker. Many people who once played these types of games in land-based casinos now enjoy playing online versions from the comfort of their own homes. The new generation is able to play 7 card stud online via their smartphones and tablets, causing spectacular growth in the industry. The online gaming industry for casino games is huge in terms of revenue – with many countries where it is legal to benefit from casino taxes.

Money and time spent playing

Gaming sessions can last up to two hours each evening, usually between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

More and more people are now investing in games and spending money, either in the games themselves or in add-ons and accessories that enhance the gaming experience. A study that surveyed 1,000 gamers in 2020 revealed that gamers spend up to three years of their adulthood playing online games. This is equivalent to 5% of the average lifespan of an adult. Gaming sessions can last up to two hours each evening, usually between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The study also found that online gamers will see around £ 252.77 spent on their games, including microtransactions, downloads as well as accessories. In terms of average lifespan, that adds up to £ 15,924. However, that figure could be much higher if consoles and solo versions were included. These are important numbers for game makers and anyone looking to get started in gaming, because they show how much revenue can be generated by the industry – and how much it has grown over the past twenty plus years. Many people use online payment methods like Paypal to purchase their games, as well as to subscribe to game subscription services.

But not all gaming experiences have to be expensive.

There are many casual games that do not require money to be spent on them. If you are looking beyond free-to-play games, other games such as FIFA, World of Warcraft, and The Sims series usually only require one payment: the purchase of the game. Of course, most of these games have add-ons available for purchase and special expansion packages to enhance the gaming experience for players. You don’t have to spend more money after purchasing these games, but in order to prolong the enjoyment of the game, it often becomes the default choice for gamers.

Whether you want to invest a lot of money or time in the game, or just want to casually enjoy it, there is an option and genre that is right for you. Game companies will certainly continue to produce a range of games to reflect all interests and levels of gaming experience, and it is likely that they will continue to tailor payouts and include expansion packs for encourage more people to spend as part of their gaming experience. While no one can predict exactly how the industry will change over the next several years, it is likely that gaming will continue to be popular and in a growing market. constant expansion.

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Indoor and online gaming market revenues skyrocket after coronavirus lockdown

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CHICAGO, September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – During the lockdown related to COVID-19, it was more important than ever to examine new ways for people to feel socially connected. Online and indoor games have proven to be a lifeline for people amid the COVID-19 lockdown in different countries. Families took games out of the closet and sat down around the table again. Roommates have found new online and offline games to pass the time on the weekends. Additionally, video games can transport someone outside of themselves. Video games these days often have deep themes that bring adventure to gamers. This has given the gaming market a boom.

Arizton has a dedicated vertical that focuses on consumer goods and retail technology in all geographies. These market research reports cover a detailed analysis of supply chain disruptions induced by COVID-19, technological innovations, equipment financing, economic impact and a detailed study of the competitive landscape. Arizton’s approach includes key market highlights, such as trend and driver analysis, market share analysis, growth opportunities, and the impact of government initiatives in the goods sector. consumer and retail technologies.

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Board Games Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026

The size of the board games market will reach USD 29.87 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 12.71% during the period 2021-2026.

Over the past decade, the popularity of board games has skyrocketed with the launch of several new products in the market. The board game market has been strong despite intense competition from digital sources of entertainment. The COVID-19 outbreak has had a profound impact on the gaming industry. Digital gaming industry platforms have experienced development due to the increase in the use of gadgets in the residential sector. , while conventional gaming setups have suffered losses due to disruption in the retail industry. Companies in the board game market are focused on resuming market growth by prioritizing customer-centric operations.


  • There are several reasons for the significant growth seen in the global board game market, including the emergence of board game conventions, gaming cafes, nerd culture, and an increase in millennial spending for nostalgia, among others. .
  • Board games market by puzzle segment is expected to reach $ 10.84 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 12.92% during the forecast period.
  • The government of India called on start-ups across the country to focus on developing local board games. This is expected to boost investor confidence in small-scale players over the forecast period.
  • After the COVID-19 outbreak, market dynamics have changed dramatically. Sellers are now focusing on the volatile market situation. For example, Mattel, a leading supplier to the market, is currently focused on making profits rather than investing in innovations.
  • North America will continue to dominate the market during the forecast period. The APAC is expected to witness strong traction in demand for conventional games during the forecast period.
  • New companies are catching up with established suppliers and are expected to erode the market share of established suppliers over the forecast period.

The board games market includes segments by product (puzzles, tabletop, cards & dice, collectible cards, miniatures & RPGs), by theme (strategy & warfare, educational, fantasy, sports and others), and by distribution (channel in online and retail (specialty stores, mass market players, etc.).

The main suppliers to the board game market are Asmodée Éditions (Group), Hasbro, Mattel and Ravensburger.

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Fantasy Sports Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026

The fantasy sports market size will reach USD 2.24 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 13.98% during the period 2021-2026.

Over the past 15 years, the gaming industry has completely evolved from traditional consoles to technologically developed graphical mobile entertainment with live video streaming assisted by cloud-based infrastructure. The COVID-19 lockdown has benefited the gaming industry, leading to rapid growth in recent months. Due to the increase in data consumption and the use of smartphones by consumers, huge growth opportunities have been created in various regions of the world, resulting in new ways of playing, engaging and paying. .


  • In recent years, the mobile industry has grown rapidly with technologically enhanced features. The number of active 5G smartphone users is expected to exceed 700 million by 2026. The increase in 5G connectivity would create opportunities for the online gaming industry in the coming years.
  • The fantasy football market at Europe should reach $ 220.42 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 13.81% in 2020-2026.
  • North America accounts for the largest 68% share of the global fantasy sports market.
  • The female segment of global fantasy sports is expected to experience gradual growth of $ 255 million in North America due to the growing awareness of fantasy sports among women via social networking sites.
  • Fantasy football is the fastest growing market in the world and is expected to register a CAGR of 14.46% during the forecast period.
  • Technological advancements in product offerings and operations across the globe are the key to growth for various vendors in the market.

The fantasy sports market includes segments by fantasy sports (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, cricket and others), gender (men and women) and platforms (app and website).

The major players in the fantasy sports market are CBS Corporation, DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and ESPN.

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Esports Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025

The size of the esports market will reach $ 2.69 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 16.11% during the period 2020-2025.

Esports is a booming global industry where skilled video gamers play competitively. The industry is growing globally, where approximately 1.7 billion people watch esports globally, both online and in person. The global esports market is expected to grow with increasing viewership, centralization of teams, and continued adoption of traditional franchise-style leagues. Esports attracts many investors looking to capitalize on the opportunities.

  • The global esports sponsorship market is expected to reach $ 1.56 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 15.21% during the forecast period.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality have revolutionized the esports industry to a great extent. Augmented reality in esports offers the public a fascinating stadium experience of esports leagues and competitions.
  • Esports games such as MOBA and PvP games dominated the market as MOBA accounted for a 41% market share, followed by PvP with a 22% share.
  • Mobile games have lower barriers to entry and higher install rates compared to PC and console games. This allows for better economy and a higher dollar value per player in tournament production.
  • Various investments are expected to be made in esports infrastructure such as the development of new arenas, the renovation of existing arenas with the necessary esports equipment and the improvement of the facilities provided to improve the playing experience of players in tournaments. .

The esports market is comprised of segments by revenue (game publisher fees, merchandise and tickets, advertising, sponsorships and media rights), games (multiplayer online combat arena, player vs. player, firsthand shooters people and real-time strategy) and e-platform (esports on PC, esports on consoles and mobiles and tablets)

The main players in the Esports market are Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Modern Times Group (MTG), Take-Two Interactive Software, Tencent, and Valve Corporation.

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Report, Telecom News, ET Telecom

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China is reviewing the new games to make sure they meet stricter criteria for content and child protection, Bloomberg News said Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The media watchdog is reassessing titles submitted for approval by game developers from Tencent Holdings Ltd to Netease Inc to ensure they meet new restrictions imposed in August, according to the report.

Tencent declined to comment on the report and Netease did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

China last month banned more than three hours of video games a week for people under 18, a strict rule aimed at ending a growing addiction to what it once called “spiritual opium.”

In late August, the National Press and Publications Administration (NPPA) asked developers to resubmit titles in accordance with the new measures, according to the report.

Regulators are cracking down on the increasingly popular zombie-themed games that are considered “too scary” by NPPA standards, he added.

Review has also been stepped up on topics that regulators consider undesirable, such as “boy love” themes that have recently become all the rage, he said.

China has cracked down on a wide range of industries, from technology to education and real estate, as it tightens control after years of rampant growth.

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In its latest partnership agreement, specialty casino game provider Red Rake Gaming entered into an agreement with London-listed online gaming entertainment company 888 Holdings plc (LSE: 888) for its virtual gaming platform intended to women, 888ladies.

As part of this new collaboration, players from the single digital operator will now be able to enjoy the most popular video bingo titles from the online gaming provider, while also including the most recent versions of Red Rake, such as The Machine Fruits’n Jars and Nefertiti’s Riches 5 × 3 reel video slot inspired by the queen of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, as well as its immersive 6 reel slot machine, Mystical lady, with a free spins bonus phase with a special expansion symbol.

Unique approach:

Commenting on the new alliance, Sivan Finn Shalev, vice president of Bingo at 888, said they were “excited” to partner with Red Rake Gaming in a deal that will strengthen its product offering on the platform. form

The VP went on to explain that “the game development vendor approach” will help 888 to continue its commitment to “provide an entertaining and varied gaming experience for our players in a safe and secure environment. And they look forward to continuing their partnership in the months to come.

Founded in 2011, the Spain-based game developer first operated its online casino games in the social casino industry before moving to the real money casino activity in 2016 as a B2B service provider. Red Rake Gaming’s product line includes slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, video bingos, such as Disco Nights, Gold of Poseidon and Muertitos, as well as other unique games. all available via desktop and mobile.

Player experience:

Also commenting on the collaboration, Nick Barr, Managing Director of Red Rake Malta, said in a company press release that they are “delighted” to have partnered with 888 and its 888dames platform.

888 prides itself on delivering the best gaming experience to its players, which coincides with Red Rake Gaming’s approach. We strive to provide the best experience for players by ensuring that players are engaged in our games through our myriad of features within each game, providing players with different paths every time they play.

Barr added that they are “very confident” that players at the online casino will “like what we have to offer.”

Lottomatica offer:

New deal follows another new partnership via GAN with the lottery operator based in Italy, Lottomatica Group. The latter offers sports betting, online lotteries and traditional casino table games, and will now have access to player-favorite titles from Red Rake, including its Super Series games, which recently added the Super online slot machine. 20 Stars.

The series offers gamers non-stop action via bonus games and multiple features, in addition to its “1 Million Ways to Win” genre of games, which has proven extremely popular with gamers around the world and currently tops the charts in the Italian iGaming market.

Commenting on the tie-up, Barr said Italy is one of their fastest growing regulated markets with “incredible volumes achieved”. He noted that their games which offer interactive features have “hit the mark” with their Italian players and the partnership strengthens their position in the market.

Greek license:

Separately, the top-tier Valencia-based casino gaming provider has also recently extended its reach in the regulated market after obtaining a license from the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC). The Greek license A2 enables the company to provide its high quality casino games to licensed operators in the newly regulated Greek market.

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Stop wasting time in online games

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Part 1: War Against Roadblocks

All massively multiplayer online games share the same design philosophies. That’s what defines them, after all. However, some of these stigmas are not designed with the player’s entertainment in mind. In others, for these games to thrive, they must maintain a high population. But that can’t always be achieved by keeping the game up to date with amazing content. That everyone would love to play and keep asking for more. Some will say it is impossible. So instead, to keep the game going and in order to preserve the population, the developers make us the players work. We are rewarded with interesting content in exchange for hours spent doing trivial tasks. It already looks like a job in real life, doesn’t it? Simply put, all of this grinding and farming for resources or to get material, it’s all just so that we spend more time in the game. That’s it. Of course, some may say that – no pain, no gain. However, it doesn’t sound like something that can be called entertainment. What about those gamers who want to chill out and socialize with their friends, just have some old school fun in a video game? This kind of game and these artificial roadblocks that the developers put in place in their games to slow down our progress are not for people who lack free time. Is there really no way around the monotonous activities and absolutely silly, detached and boring gameplay? Fortunately, players saw this as a challenge. If the developers keep doing it, the community will find ways to fix this problem. So sites like have grown in popularity.

Part 2: Fighting the Boredom Beast

By introducing such artificial limits and interweaving them with the progression system, MMO game developers have done what they have always tried to prevent. The more a game tries to slow you down on your way to something cool, the faster you get bored, exhausted, and frustrated. These feelings will cause you to quit the game simply because you simply don’t get anything in return for the time you spend in it. And so gamers give up, and new MMO games are disappearing faster than anything. Therefore, this is why we don’t see as many games of this genre announced every year. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about how to make your time, no matter how little you spend, in the game worth it. LFcarry boost service is something that can do that for you. With it, you will be playing the game for the exact reason you started doing it in the first place. For the excitement of exploration, for combat, for group activities. But you won’t spend a second of your time doing something you don’t want to do or what the game makes you do. You will leave all this to the professionals who will do the farming and the grinding.

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How to play online games on the MPL app –

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Did you know that you can make real money by playing games online? It is completely legal and safe to play games on trusted platforms and to win cash prizes.

Many online gaming apps grab the attention of the masses because they not only entertain but also offer cash rewards. You may have come across online gaming apps that pay real money, or you may have played free online games on different apps. However, when it comes to choosing the best cash game app that also offers free practice games, it is certainly not a difficult task. One of the most trusted gambling apps for making money is the MPL app.

MPL mobile app is one of the best gaming apps to earn real money because it has more than 12 fun games including word games, arcade games, sports games, cards, etc. You can choose to play the free practice games or the paid games. games, according to your preferences. What else! MPL will launch more games in the future on a single platform.

We’ve covered everything you need to know to play real money games on the app.

How to download the MPL application?

The MPL app is completely free to download for iOS users from the App Store. Search for MPL on the App Store and download the app. Once the app is downloaded, you can sign up by email, Facebook, Google, or Apple account. Android users can download the MPL apk directly from the website and find a game that intrigues you and start with the free games to practice a new game. try out cash tournaments and contests to win real money.

Why play online games on MPL?

MPL is a reliable and reliable online gambling application that offers the fun of challenging against real opponents while having a chance to win money. It is 100% legal to play cash contests on the app, as long as you are a resident of one of the states that allow online gambling.

One of the main USPs of applications is zero latency. This implies that you can start playing a game even if there is no player to compete against at that time. An opponent can face your score later, and the player with a higher score wins the game.

If you are looking to play for fun or to hone your skills, the app also offers free practice games. You can play these games against real opponents to feel like you are playing a money contest. Tired of long game formats? You can relax with the quick games offered by the free app and earn extra cash.

The app also offers instant withdrawals of your earnings from your bank account. If you are looking for a great gaming experience and a range of modified versions of classic games, you must try the app. Some of the best instant win games that you can find at MPL are Bowling, Baseball Star, 8 Ball Blast, Bingo, Cube Solitaire, Bubble Shooter, and more.

Play cash games and tournaments to win real money

The MPL app promises unlimited entertainment when you play games and participate in cash contests and tournaments against real opponents. There is a wide range of gambling games that you can choose to play for each game available on the app. You can simply deposit Paypal, Apple Pay, Debit / Credit Card, or Bank Transfer money to submit the registration fee and complete a real challenge with your favorite game. Playing on one of the best gaming apps for making money while having fun couldn’t be better than this!

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Private Servers Outbreak – Keeping Online Games Alive After Official Support Declines

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This has happened to all of us: there was a multiplayer game that we loved playing that we sank into for hours, but for various reasons the servers finally shut down and we are no longer able to play the game. game that once brought us so much joy.

This could be due to its shrinking player base, licensing issues, or a chaotic start that never resulted in profitable success, but more and more we are seeing games disappearing from the market. vue because the servers that once supported these online-only games are no longer available.

However, in recent years, communities around certain games have made efforts to create their own private servers, reflecting how the game works, and now it’s just a matter of following a guide and checking out if your favorite game is. long ago revived.

Servers are not free

Earlier this year, Gearbox Software thanked players for playing as it completely shut down the servers for Battleborn. This game had the unfortunate circumstance of being released a few days before Blizzard’s Overwatch, and despite its popularity, it couldn’t find its place and the shutdown of its server in January of this year seemed almost inevitable. The game had only one campaign mode, but that was also online-only and can no longer be played.

Having servers costs money, and if a game starts costing more to host than it costs, any studio would be advised to discontinue support and move on, however, this would not. bodes no good for the preservation game.

There is a silver lining. Over the years, fans of older games have created their own private servers to allow people to play games that they wouldn’t normally have access to. Online modes too, like Nintendo’s Mario Kart Wii online multiplayer, which has been unavailable since May 2014 due to the termination of their Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (NWC), now have a second life through private servers.

The Sims Online, released in 2002, was the first and only multiplayer Sims game, but closed its servers in 2008. However, due to dedicated Sims fans, you can currently play The Sims online in FSO form. (or Free Sims Online). FSO allows players to return to the world of The Sims Online, even with all-new quality-of-life changes and updated gameplay features.

Since its release, we’ve even seen well-known YouTube Let’s players like Call Me Kevin make several blockbuster videos playing The Sims Online and showing off their various funny antics, which they wouldn’t be available to do through the. official channels.

The advantages of private servers

When I first heard about private servers, it was thanks to some of my favorite games, namely Resident Evil Outbreak File # 1 and its sequel File # 2.

Originally released in Japan in 2003, Outbreak File 1 was Resident Evil’s first foray into online gaming and places players in a variety of survival horror scenarios, each with their own unique stories, puzzles, and BOWs. (bio-organic weapons). There is a large roster of characters to play, each with their own unique gameplay advantages that can help you navigate scenarios more easily.

One of my favorites is the character of Jim Chapman with his ability to “play dead” which allows him to do just that – pretend to be dead which allows zombies to walk past you without being alerted. of your presence.

Outbreak # 2 had one of my favorite settings in any Resident Evil, Raccoon City Zoo. In the ‘Wild Things’ storyline, you are constantly being chased after a big zombie elephant, and every time it finds you, the music gets louder. With the slow growing virus indicator in the lower left corner, which when 100% complete, every scenario leaves you tense and elated.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 title screen

(Image credit: Capcom)

The epidemic lives online again

You can play offline or with up to 3 players online, but North America’s servers were shut down in 2007, followed by Japan four years later. Likewise, with Sims Online there is a dedicated community using private servers to allow people to continue playing Outbreak File 1 and File 2, which you can do if you own a Japanese PlayStation 2 or through an emulation.

14 years after the games’ initial release, Resident Evil 7 featured an Easter Egg Outbreak in the form of a newspaper article within the Baker Family Home, written by character Alyssa Ashcroft.

Maybe it’s just that, a fun Easter Egg, but it gives me hope that someday we’ll see Capcom decide whether to give Outbreak games the remaster or remake treatment, something that I think does. would be fine in the days of streaming games with friends. Until then you can play and experience Outbreak File and File 1 through these private servers and if you are a Resident Evil fan I highly recommend it.

Face a zombie elephant in Resident Evil Outbreak File # 2

(Image credit: Capcom)

Currently, if you’re looking to get your Resident Evil game online patch, there’s still Resident Evil Resistance, currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. But as with Battleborn and many games that have come and gone, Resistance is only online, even for its single-player campaign, so its future inevitably faces server shutdowns as well.

With the market increasingly saturated with “online-only” games, the roster of games we no longer have access to will only grow, so who knows what the future of game preservation will be. I’m just happy that there are some hard working people setting up their private servers for us to access these games and online modes, we really thought we were lost in time.

  • welcome to TechRadar PC Gaming Week 2021, our celebration of the greatest gaming platform on Earth. Despite the global pandemic and ongoing GPU shortages, PC gaming has never been more dynamic and exciting, and throughout the week we’ll be reflecting that with a selection of in-depth articles, interviews and reviews. essential buying guides.
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China really doesn’t want young people to play online games

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China has stricter limits on online gambling for people under the age of 18. An announcement from the National Press and Publications Administration (translated by Google) says that from September 1, minors will only be allowed to play online games for an hour a day. from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Players are also required to register under their real names under the rules, and online gaming companies are not allowed to provide any services, even a “tourist experience mode”, to unregistered users. All online games must also go through the National Press and Publication Administration’s online gambling addiction real name verification system, and the “frequency and intensity” of inspections to ensure compliance will also be increased.

The regulations are the most restrictive in the world. According to a report from Xinhua, the new rules aim to curb online gambling addiction among young people, “who are still in the stage of physical and mental development, and have poor self-control.”

The new restrictions are a significant tightening of limits imposed in 2019, which capped online gaming for minors at 90 minutes a day all week long and three hours a day on weekends and holidays, and imposed a curfew. from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. the following day. These rules also required real name verification for online gaming accounts, but the implementation may have been patchy: the latest guidelines specifically warn that online gaming companies that have not “strictly enforced” work ”the rules will be treated“ seriously ”.

One company that appears to be ahead of that particular curve is Tencent, China’s largest tech company, which announced in July that it was using facial recognition technology to ensure minors don’t gamble online after 10 p.m. time. Anyone trying to play a game during restricted hours is required to use their phone’s camera to verify their identity and age, an age barrier that is much harder to overcome than most.

More recently, Tencent announced its own stricter limits on games for minors, although this did not go as far as the new government regulations. In August, it reduced allowed playing time from 90 minutes per day to 60 minutes per week and from three hours to two on weekends and holidays. It has also beefed up its facial recognition checks to an “all day inspection” system requiring re-authentication of all suspicious accounts in order to crack down on minors who have successfully bypassed the system, and has banned online gambling for any reason. person under 12 years old.

Tencent’s enthusiastic participation may help it stay in the good graces of the government, but it has not been very beneficial financially: The increasingly aggressive online gaming regulation of the Chinese government has pushed through the Tencent’s share price from a high of over HK $ 766 ($ 98) to HK $ 466 ($ 60) today. Still, Tencent is probably keen to do everything in its power to avoid an even more severe crackdown on gaming. In 2018, Tencent reportedly lost $ 190 billion in market value after the Chinese government stopped issuing gaming license approvals in March of the same year.

The new regulations only apply to online games: A government official told Xinhua that it is up to parents how long their children play “other games that promote the growth of minors.” This distinction likely reflects both the nature of the Chinese market, where free online games and esports are extremely popular, and the simple fact that it is much more difficult to control games when players do not need to. ‘be connected. to the Internet.

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