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* LIVE NOW * September 2021 PS Plus game download date and time

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You will have to wait to actually download them …

The September 2021 PS Plus games have now been fully revealed, and today is the day you can download them and start playing for free.

This month’s lineup is pretty cool, and below we’ve got all the details you need to know when you can play them.

You can download September 2021 PS Plus games now

The September 2021 PS Plus games release date is set for Tuesday, September 7, when you can download them.

As to what time you can download them, that answer is a bit trickier.

While Sony is unlikely to update the PS Plus tab of the PS Store on PS5 or PS4 Until later in the afternoon, you should be able to download the free games starting at midnight local time on September 7th.

All you have to do is search for the games you want to download or add to your library through the search bar. When you add the titles to your library, they should be free to download, although PlayStation doesn’t show them in the PS Plus tab.

If the games aren’t easy to find on the store, just search for them and everything will be easy.

Full range of free games

The full lineup has been revealed, after leaking ahead of time.

As confirmed in a post on the PlayStation blog, the free games for PS Plus subscribers in September 2021 are:

  • Overcooked All You Can Eat – PS5
  • Hitman 2 – PS4
  • Predator Hunting Ground – PS4

Now get on your PS4 or PS5, download the games, and jump in to see what they’re all about.

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Best Free Switch Games – Download and Play Now

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How times change! It used to be that you would go to your local video game store, take the game of your choice to the counter, hand in some hard cash and run over to your house to get it into your console. Not only has digital distribution eliminated the need to leave the house, there are plenty of games that can be downloaded to your console for absolutely nothing. Marvellous!

Of course, Free-to-Play (F2P) games will have in-game purchases such as cosmetics, Battle Pass memberships, or certain modes that can be locked behind a paywall until you give the developers money, but many “freemium” games these days offer a huge amount of accessible content for exactly $ 0 – the best price possible!

The following varied list of the best free Switch games can be downloaded from the Nintendo Switch eShop for the princely sum of zero dollars right now, and hardly any of them require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play either (except a few – a few that we couldn’t resist adding). Perfect if you are looking to save your pennies.

So let’s take a look – in no particular order – the best free games on Switch …

Fortnite (Switch eShop)

Editor: Epic games / Developer: Epic games

Release date: June 12, 2018 (United States) / June 12, 2018 (UK / EU)

Let’s face it, there’s a good chance Fortnite is already adorning your Switch dashboard, and for good reason. Epic delivered the full Fortnite (Battle Royale) experience to Nintendo’s homeheld. with stable performance and all the bells and whistles of versions on other platforms, plus motion controls for those of us who can’t live without them from Splatoon. With all the costumes, crossovers, and seasonal chaos continuing through the chapters, this just one more turn the sentiment survived the transition to Nintendo’s console perfectly intact. Before you know it, you’re looking at the clock at 3:56 a.m., thinking “hmm, that’s not a round number.” The thrilling suspense of reaching the last two may not be healthy, but it is definitely addicting.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links which means if you click on them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC disclosure for more information.

Warframe (Switch eShop)Warframe (Switch eShop)

Editor: Digital extremes / Developer: Emergency button

Release date: November 20, 2018 (United States) / November 20, 2018 (UK / EU)

While Digital Extremes hasn’t quite perfected the formula it needs to make Warframe fully accessible – the sheer number of interconnected systems and customizable elements suggests it never will quite be – it still delivers. a cooperative third-person shooter with all the MMORPG elements you ever thought you would see work on Nintendo Switch. From the impressive visual fidelity that Panic Button has maintained to the breadth of content you can access for free, Warframe is a fabulous showcase of what’s possible in the F2P space, as well as what the Switch is capable of.

Super Kirby Clash (Switch eShop)Super Kirby Clash (Switch eShop)

Editor: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release date: September 4, 2019 (United States) / September 5, 2019 (UK / EU)

As a standalone game, Super Kirby Clash lives up to the Kirby series standard with its incredibly diverse boss roster, straightforward RPG-lite mechanics, and deep replayability potential. While online multiplayer is an unstable and unreliable mess, that’s hardly a reason you shouldn’t at least download the game and give it a try. Being a free version, Super Kirby Clash also manages to manage its monetization smartly and doesn’t hold back too much, giving you a good amount of time-bound content for what you want to pay for. We would highly recommend Super Kirby Clash even if it was a low cost retail version, but since it literally only costs you your time, do yourself a favor and download it as soon as you can. .

Warface (Switch eShop)Warface (Switch eShop)

Editor: MY GAMES / Developer: The Allods team

Release date: February 18, 2020 (United States) / February 18, 2020 (UK / EU)

Nintendo Switch is really racking up a decent selection of shooters. Face of war isn’t particularly pretty, and its approach to accessing content means you’ll probably spend most of your time playing with rented items and weapons, but it still brings solid asymmetric online FPS action to Switch d. ‘in a way that no other shooter has succeeded so far. It might not have the smoothness of the greats of the genre, but with stable performance in both modes and a huge amount of content (both now and in the future) like Payday 2, Paladins, Fortnite, and Warframe now have another rival for your online hours.

Arena of Valor (Switch eShop)Arena of Valor (Switch eShop)

Editor: Tencent games / Developer: Tencent games

Release date: September 25, 2018 (United States) / September 25, 2018 (UK / EU)

With a solid netcode, an accessible and enjoyable version of the MOBA model and a free-to-play model, Arena of Valor is a strong entry into the free-to-play space on Switch. While it did have some technical issues at launch, one of the greatest games in the world is available on Switch, and that’s something to celebrate – especially when it costs absolutely nothing to play.

Rocket League (Switch eShop)Rocket League (Switch eShop)

Editor: Psyonix Studios / Developer: Psyonix Studios

Release date: November 14, 2017 (United States) / November 14, 2017 (UK / EU)

One of modern gaming’s true online multiplayer achievements, Rocket League was a vital addition to Switch’s striking library even before it went free in September 2020; now there is absolutely no reason why it should not be your system. The spirit of the game has been transferred perfectly, with the added benefit of handheld play that opens up the ability to host local matches with your Switch-owner friends wherever and whenever you want. Developer Panic Button did an absolutely fantastic job with this port, but aside from the technical magic, what really matters is that the base game is so addicting, so compelling, so enjoyable, and – maybe. above all – so deep. It rewards skillful play and persistence, and new tactics and strategies seem to flow from every match you participate in. Only the casual network casts a shadow over this otherwise sublime version, but it’s still an essential online experience.

Paladins (Switch eShop)Paladins (Switch eShop)

Editor: Hi-Rez Studios / Developer: Hi-Rez Studios

Release date: June 12, 2018 (United States) / June 12, 2018 (UK / EU)

As a free to play game, Paladins: Champions of the Realm is easy to sell. As exciting, tense, and rewarding as Overwatch, it brings cross-platform hero shooter to a new platform without sacrificing the more sophisticated gameplay tenants that have made it such a hit with casual and pro gamers. There’s a definite learning curve for those looking to play competitively, but it’s one of the best multiplayer shooters on the console nonetheless.

GALAK-Z: Variant S (Switch eShop)GALAK-Z: Variant S (Switch eShop)

Editor: GungHo America / Developer: GungHo America

Release date: July 12, 2018 (United States) / July 12, 2018 (UK / EU)

Galak-Z: The S variant is a more focused and tighter experience than its precursor, but which offers surprising depth thanks to the often astounding upgrade possibilities on offer. Taking the freemium route, developer 17-Bit Studios was forced to introduce timers that can be overridden by spending real money, but these are being rolled out thoughtfully and even if you decide to dig deep. in your pocket you will still need considerable shots. skills to overcome the increasingly severe – albeit somewhat repetitive – challenge.

Dauntless (Switch eShop)Dauntless (Switch eShop)

Editor: Phoenix Laboratories / Developer: Phoenix Laboratories

Release date: December 10, 2019 (United States) / December 10, 2019 (UK / EU)

Phoenix Labs has done a great job with Dauntless, designing a game that takes the best parts of Monster hunter and narrows them down into a fast-paced, easily accessible action experience that is sure to demand dozens of hours of your time once it’s hooked on you. On top of that, you’re never caught off guard with microtransactions and it’s easier than ever to play with friends on other platforms. While this Switch port has a lot of challenges from a performance standpoint, it remains enjoyable on a consistent enough basis that these issues can be overlooked for the most part. Trying out Dauntless literally costs you nothing more than time, and we strongly recommend that you give it a try.

DC Universe Online (Switch eShop)DC Universe Online (Switch eShop)

Editor: Dawn game company / Developer: Dawn game company

Release date: August 6, 2019 (United States) / August 6, 2019 (UK / EU)

DC Universe Online is one of the oldest MMOs out there, so although it has benefited from a few updates and DLC packs, it still looks and plays like a game on PS3. If you can look past the dated visuals and repetitive gameplay, there is a decent amount of content accessible as a free player. The customization options are extensive, although the need for a premium subscription blocks some of these options. However, with a solid server, a high player population, and enough content to get you flying around Metropolis, Gotham and beyond, this is further proof that virtually any genre can work on the latest hardware. from Nintendo.

Pokémon Quest (Switch eShop)Pokémon Quest (Switch eShop)

Editor: Nintendo

Release date: May 29, 2018 (United States) / May 30, 2018 (UK / EU)

Pokémon Quest is a fun little waste of time that will satisfy your collect them all urges if you’ve run out of everything the Galar region has to offer in Pokémon Sword and Shield. You’ll have to spend the money if you want to get the most out of it, but it’s far from a sink of money. You can get everything you need in one purchase, or unlock most of it slowly by playing for free. It is one of the most generous freemium systems on the market. All in all, it’s a great starting point for new fans of the series, and the cute art style may well win over veterans. Give it a shot.

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Do you like Ubisoft games? Download these backgrounds for your Android or iPhone

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French game publisher Ubisoft has released wallpapers for your smartphone to keep gamers in the mood for upcoming games.

We have all searched online for our favorite game backgrounds for our phones. Even though there are many companies that offer high quality artwork from their best titles, it is difficult to find great official wallpapers for phones online. If you Google “Assassin’s creed 2 phone backgrounds ”you’ll find a plethora of fan-made wallpapers that often lack the vibe provided by official corporate artwork.

Ubisoft has revealed four upcoming game backgrounds with its followers through their official Twitter account. The securities chosen for the cell phone funds are Far cry 6, Tom clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Mario + Sparks of Hope Rabbit, and Republic of the Cavaliers.

My opinion

If we look at Ubisoft’s efforts with its fans over the past two years, we can see that while they still have issues with fan feedback on their current titles, Ubisoft is listening to their followers. They continue to work hard to provide all their fans with a fantastic overall experience, from games and collectibles to little details like these phone backgrounds. Nice job there, Ubi!

Tags: Far Cry 6, Mario + Rabbids, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, phone backgrounds, Rainbow Six Extraction, Riders Republic, Ubisoft

Game Freaks 365 participates in affiliate programs to help cover hosting costs and other operating expenses. We may receive a small percentage of sales from affiliate links.

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Download these free games to your computer today – Film Daily

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The Internet is a wonderful place. You wouldn’t be here without it. Internet is really great. It is the greatest entertainment center of mankind. Whether it’s streaming movies, messaging friends around the world, or keeping up to date with your favorite YouTubers, there are endless activities to keep you entertained.

Computer games are foremost among those computer activities that keep you from getting bored. Specifically – free downloadable computer games. Here is a list of epic free video games that you can play on the computer.

We are broken

Would you like to crack under the interrogation of three bloodthirsty vampires? In We are broken, you can find out. We are broken is an indie game based on a story where vampires have succeeded in enslaving mankind. There is only a small resistance force left, and you play as three humans captured by the enemy.

These three vampires want to know where the hiding place of human resistance is and it’s your job not to give in to the pressure no matter what interrogation techniques they use. You might think it won’t be that difficult given that your captors will be stuck behind a screen, but we recommend playing in the dark to turn the epic suspense up a notch. You will be very intrigued by the sinister stories these vampires reveal.

Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes

Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes combine match-three puzzle game from candy Crush with I-Spy-watching fun – and you solve crimes in the process! It really is a weird setup, but somehow it works. The character avatars in this game are absolutely nifty, the story is solid, and you will enjoy the ability to talk and trade items with friends.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the forensic mystery of shows like CSI but don’t feel smart or motivated enough to do this type of work in real life, this game is your chance to get in on the action without too much. effort. Solve crimes by finding hidden objects and solving match-3 puzzles. This fictional version of New York will thank you.

Hello guest

Yes, this was done by the same editor as hello neighbor. TinyBuild released for the first time Hello guest like a hello neighbor spin-off, but it soon became clear that Hello Guest was essentially the pre-alpha of Hello neighbor 2. In Hello guest, players can try out an open world concept in an equally spooky environment, but this time you play as a night security guard in a very vacant and weird Golden Apple theme park.

As usual, the evil AI reacts to your game and learns how to get the most out of you the longer you play. This built-in intelligence makes a scary game even more frightening and will give you goosebumps thrilled the whole time you grab your computer mouse.

Will you be able to outsmart the AI ​​and protect the more remote parts of the park from vandals, or will the man with the creepy beak attack you from behind? Hello guest is a free-to-play stealth horror game at its best.

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

If you like point and click cooking games, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off is the epic free game for you. Even if you’re not necessarily a SpongeBob fanatic, the amount of gameplay available in this free-to-play game makes it a good choice.

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off combines an entertaining story with fun point & click. As usual, Mr. Krabs is on the hunt for his next money-making ploy, SpongeBob has kindly pledged their allegiance to the French fries cause, and Plankton is backstage trying to sort things out. The great thing about this game is that it is not loaded with ads. You really don’t have to watch a single one unless you want the game to reward freebies.

The story doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay too much, but if you’re the type of person who plays a game for their story, you’ll appreciate the fun writing. In this game you will help the Bikini Bottom gang to prepare all kinds of orders. From kelp smoothies to classic krabby patties, you’ll find yourself addicted to leveling up. You can even participate in online tournaments to win great prizes that will make your frying a cinch.

Fantastic Kingdom of Elvenar

Think Catan meets Valhalla Hills. This free city building game takes place in the magical kingdom of Elvenar. Expand your kingdom by gathering resources, researching ancient technologies, and trading with other players. The cartoon graphics of this game are admirable. You will have the choice of playing as a human or an elf and will be able to welcome many other fantastic races to your realm as you play.

Elvenar Fantasy Kingdom has dwarves, dragons, fairies, and more. Create the magical kingdom of your dreams as you discover new provinces and expand your city.

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PS Plus LEAK March 2021: The next free download of PS4 games may have been leaked | Games | Entertainment

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The March 2021 PS Plus lineup of free PS4 and PS5 games was due to be announced yesterday, with the last Wednesday of each month usually being when Sony announces its next PlayStation Plus lineup. However, when the usual announcement time of 4:30 p.m. fell, Sony and its PlayStation channels were eerily silent about the PS Plus in March 2021. It is believed that the next selection of free PS4 and PS5 games may now be announced during the launch. next State of Play, which airs at 10 p.m. GMT today.

And maybe one of the reasons Sony hasn’t announced the next PS Plus line in a typical way is that they have an absolutely stunning selection of free games in store.

As today’s inventory approaches, rumors have emerged about which free-to-play games will be added to the PS Plus lineup for March 2021.

And according to a few separate leaks, Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be one of the free PS4 games in the PS Plus lineup for March 2021.

This rumor was started by Shpeshal Ed, the co-host of the XboxEra podcast.

As the expected PS Plus announcement neared yesterday – which ultimately didn’t happen – @Shpeshal_Ed on Twitter posted: “If you haven’t purchased Final Fantasy 7 Remake yet. Make sure you have a PlayStation Plus subscription for March ”.

And on ResetEra, KatharsisT confirmed this by posting: “It’s true.”

While a publication on Reddit pointed out, several ResetEra mods also supported Shpeshal Ed’s claims.

The ResetEra mod ghostcrew posted, “He’s right about FF7R. It’s March PS +.”

One of the reasons Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be coming to PS Plus may be a separate leak which claimed that the much-rumored upgraded version of FF7R was also being announced during the upcoming inventory.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Ever Crisis for PS4 and PS5 would be announced during the next State of Play.

This rumor is from 4chan, so take it with a huge bucket of salt, but the famous internet bulletin board has been right in the past about some leaks.

If Square Enix and Sony introduce a new version of FF7R, it makes sense that the original will be given as a freebie to get people to buy the updated version.

Elsewhere, there have been rumors that Kena: Bridge of Spirits could be another PS Plus title.

This rumor was posted by Twitter user @nananocontrole who claimed that Kena would be one of the next PS Plus games.

The tweeter did not say whether it would be the PS4 or PS5 version or both.

But in response to this, the makers of Kena, Ember Lab, said, “A rumor is just a rumor until it’s announced through our official website and social media!”

The next State of Play airs at 22:00 GMT today and will stream on YouTube and Twitch.

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Download Epic’s ‘Galactic Civilizations III’ This Week

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It’s time for free PC games from Epic Store again. You have until January 28, 2021 to download this week’s free game: Galactic Civilization III.

Epic away game last week Star Wars Battlefront II – The Celebration Edition. If you missed it, you can still pick up the game in the store for just $ 39.99 (R595, at time of publication).

Free Epic Store Games – January 21-28, 2021

Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III, which was developed and released by Stardock Entertainment in May 2015, is a 4X turn-based strategy game in which you must build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

You can choose from dozens of unique breeds. Make a name for yourself across the galaxy with diplomacy, espionage, technological advancements and more.

What if one day humans woke up to find they weren’t alone in the galaxy? They make their way through space and discover other alien civilizations with their own stories and motivations seeking to make a name for themselves.

Electronic arts

You can also research new technologies, design spaceships, and colonize new worlds. Go out and negotiate trade and treaties, wage wars and spy on your enemies. Tradition and history are vast; Galactic Civilizations has replay value.

To concern: Galactic Civilizations III gameplay trailer

Never the same game twice

The developers explain that “each new game offers an array of options as you set it up – choose your map size, an abundance of planets and resources, frequency of events and more for a fun experience. unique game every time “.

“Galactic Civilizations III also removes linear victory conditions and gives you multiple objectives that you can choose to pursue to win, such as military conquest, cultural domination, technological rise, or political alliances.”

Reviews of Galactic Civilizations III

The two IGN and PC player given Galactic Civilizations III 4.5 out of 5 stars, with IGN‘s Leif Johnson finds himself “having a little fun building a real world”.

“Galactic Civilization III gives all gamers a good head start with a generous starting budget, and I’ve found it allows me to make smart and key decisions when setting up structures on the world. native”.

In addition, Richard Cobbett of PC player Galactic Civilizations III says “is pretty much unique in the 4X genre – a space conquest game that sits alongside Master of Orion instead of just in its shadow.”

You have until January 28, 2021 to download Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition free. Just head over to the Epic Games launcher to get your copy.

Also Read – ARK 2 World Premiere: Next-Generation Game Stars Vin Diesel

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Dishonored 2 Free Laptop Online Games Download Full Variation

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Shamed 2’s completely free laptop frees you from video game titles from the notable tasks associated with FPP. In this activity, the individuality on the monitor again has to deal with unique swarms of enemies. Additionally, Dishonored 2 can be played as the story of the main online video game Corvo Attano or as the title of Emily Kaldwin! This brings us to the local seaside community of Karnak observed south of Dunwall. This is why gamer resource retailers can discover an assortment of enthusiastic and dangerous gadgets. Most notably, online video game titles can deal with all types of accusations in different ways, taking into account the relocation of both obscurity and pandemics. Importantly, just about every temperament is unique to device, abilities, and how to identify the big picture.

Dishonored 2 Video Game

The selection of exactly the same components is not much different from the previous line of video games. In Dishonored for the Laptop, video games are continually being summarized to achieve your next goal! The executive worries about the movie game titles of the promised killer assortment. We offer with many cost targets. Usually this is a scroll assault, but how they are applied is entirely up to us. The improvements revealed a great website with good judgment in deciding the system to reach space! Take care of the guards on the lookout for additional details, paying close attention to volunteer specifications. The same is legitimate if our sacrifice kills them or casts them coldly.

However, the mean necessarily between component A and factor B is usually a straight line. 2 Dishonored Gaming PC As players progress towards their plans, the start of the exam will be duplicated at each individual moment for each training course! Right after that, the finding will be enhanced to become a very long-term disclosure. A new look at the sloppy sensations of his nose. Under such circumstances, you might be afraid of some nostalgia for Dunwall’s exceptional boulevards!

Unstable implementation, frame rate, easy degree of development of the computer mouse, large lens delays the carryover of some areas of the area! One-way links common in FXAA settings or comfortable design in TXAA options. Regardless of the day one repair, the current diversion challenge will certainly drop a few players on the ground until it conforms to the repair landing provided by Bethesda and Arcane.

Dishonored 2 Completely Free Download

Generation of Glory


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Escape from Tarkov Games Download Full Edition

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The Endurance Shooter layout has actually served Steam for several years, but however, one of the most lively and recent titles has not been found there. This is identified as Escape From Tarkov Enhance and is arguably the most basic issue immediately available to Battlestate game programmers based primarily in Russia. In addition, Windows Computer Video Clip Online Games is Premium Recreational Surreal Military Service, Exclusive Shooting Game. It is made up of constant, completely ruthless interactions and a fiscal composition in leisure.

Escape from Tarkov Gaming Laptop

Anything you have basically jumped at yourself in a conflict can be used when you die! This means you can even see one of the players closest to a day wearing a person of the most vital gear! A huge lead in income with some very well positioned photos. That said, you need to create a process among the sheets on the map to continue to hold onto what you are essentially detecting. In some scenarios, just about every plot has 1 or more leaves to ambush. Oppose murder an authentic approach to competent businesses. Lots of AK-74s packed so you can get a 1/2 road gun! So, some simple tools started, including currency trading in enough leisure to get, as well as clinical aspect.

Escaping Talkov Download

Plus, there is a collection of related task ambitions within the task! You can instantly attach an assortment of cards to the fun of attached storytelling. Simply because the factor digestive tract is moving forward Escape from Talkov Free Online Video Activity In truth all the bells are provided. The whistle leans on an exaggerated navy simulator like Arma 3. Better yet, you can quietly lower the variety of doors on offer to peek into the rounded edges and smash the doors. Directional audio plays a crucial role in recognizing the situation. Style and design issues are extremely qualified. Cured using a large collection of clinical stuff, such as the very first set of helpful resources, morphine, and even sprints.

As previously stated, Escape from Tarkov is available at a fairly early stage. Finally, programmers are using EFT techniques to also develop online video games in their destiny. One of the best high-quality capabilities is open global placement. Immediately after that, the open gloves are put on and the player must undoubtedly move and complete the mission. Eventually all missions will be completed and players will quickly gain access to a whole new open world structure of sports routines almost anywhere in a lonely and lonely setting. In summary, Escape from Tarkov’s video games It presents fun in that it’s really comparable to DayZ, but it makes just about every effort unique in a lot of ways. Likewise, there are some really serious PVP moves, hardcore gear, survival mechanics, and more.

Escape from Tarkov Downloads


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Paytm First Games Download: How to download the Paytm First Games app on smartphones

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Tips & Tricks

oi-Abhinaya Prabhu


Paytm First Games App is one of the leading gaming destinations in India with over 60 million registered users. It is claimed that users of this app spend almost 45 minutes a day on the app playing a multitude of popular games. Notably, the app offers more than 300 popular games including Rummy, Ludo, Teen Patti, Bubble Shooter, Fantasy Cricket, etc.

How to download the Paytm First Games app on smartphones

For the Paytm First Games app, the company has partnered with other international gaming giants such as Garena and ESPL, bringing the globally popular eSports tournaments to India.

How to download the Paytm First Games app on Android

To download the Paytm First Games app on your Android smartphone, you need to follow the steps below.

  • First, log on to the site
  • Now type in your cell phone number and clock on the button that says “Get SMS from app link” to receive a text message with the official link to the mobile app.
  • Once you click on the link you received in the SMS, the download will start on your smartphone.
  • You can also get the app by scanning the QR code on the Paytm First Games app website or downloading it from Google Play Store.

Note that if you want to install the Paytm First Games app on your PC, you can install the BlueStacks app. This application will allow you to access the Android application on your smartphone on the PC.

How to create a Paytm First Games account

After downloading, you can create an account with the Paytm First Games app by following the steps below.

  • If you are a Paytm user, you can create an account by logging in with your registered Paytm mobile.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t have a Paytm account, the app will give you an option to sign up.
  • You can create an account and earn rewards by playing the games you love on the Paytm First Games app.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can download and use the Paytm First Games app on your smartphone and enjoy your favorite games.

Best mobiles in India

  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

    1 29 900

  • OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G


  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro

    1 19 900

  • Redmi Note 10 Pro Max


  • Motorola Moto G60


  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra


  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


  • Xiaomi mi 10i


  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

    1 04 999

  • Motorola Edge Plus


  • Samsung galaxy a51


  • Apple iphone 11


  • Redmi note 8


  • Samsung galaxy s20 plus


  • OPPO F15


  • Apple iPhone SE (2020)


  • Vivo S1 Pro


  • Realme 6


  • OPPO F19

    18 990

  • Apple iPhone XR


  • Motorola G Pure


  • Article P37

    5 799

  • Gionee K10


  • Tecno Camon 18 Premier


  • Tecno Camon 18P


  • Tecno Camon 18


  • Xiaomi civi


  • Realme V11s 5G


  • HUAWEI Nova 9


  • HUAWEI Nova 9 Pro


Article first published: Thursday October 29th, 2020, 12:29 PM [IST]

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Xbox Free Games – Download & Play One of the BEST Fighting Games FREE | Games | Entertainment

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Xbox One platform owner Microsoft is offering a new set of free games for the weekend.

It’s all part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days promotion, which returns with two new games for Xbox Gold subscribers.

This week’s Free Play Days releases include one of the best fighting games on the platform.

With rumors that a sequel will be revealed next week, Injustice 2 has joined the Free Play Days promotion on Xbox One.

If you’re an Xbox Gold subscriber, you can download the DC fighting game until the morning of August 17th.

Injustice 2 is joined by NASCAR Heat 5, which is described as the official video game of the world’s most popular stockcar racing series.

“To download to console, click the Gold member area on the Home dashboard on your Xbox One,” Microsoft explains.

“Want to keep having fun?” So buy the games and other editions with a time-limited discount and keep playing while keeping your Gamerscore and achievements made during the event! “

Injustice 2, for example, got a huge 50% discount on Xbox One.

The game is reduced from £ 29.99 to just £ 14.99 for the standard edition, while the Ultimate bundle is reduced to £ 8.19.

The Ultimate Pack contains all three Fighters DLC packs, plus an exclusive skin and shader.

“Take charge of DC’s most powerful superheroes and villains as they fight in Injustice 2, the hit sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us from NetherRealm Studios,” the description reads. official.

As Batman and his allies unite to rebuild society and fight Superman and his regime, a new force emerges that threatens existence itself. NetherRealm Studios’ unique blend of incredible combat and deep, immersive storytelling lets you take control of one of the biggest DC rosters ever in a fighting game. “

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