Buy video games at 70% off? Is it even legit?

Are you ready for our full Enjify review? The company Enjify (Universal Gaming) claims to be able to sell video games at a discount of up to 70% compared to the usual price. The game is great and everyone likes to save, but you have to be careful not to get caught up in frauds and scams. So, does Enjify’s gaming marketplace actually work and deliver on its promises? We’ve tested their service, so you don’t have to. Please read on to learn more about our experience with Enjify and their purchase of video games.

We tested Enjify for you and here is the full review

Enjify has created an e-commerce store where they sell digital copies of new and old video games for platforms such as Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Digital means they don’t send you physical copies but the buyer is waiting for a code also known as a license key which can be redeemed at official stores so that they can download the game for free since they have already paid the key indirectly. This is not an unusual approach these days and certainly not illegal per se.

We scoured the Enjify store to find the recently released title Ring of Elden for Xbox Series X and found it priced at €36.52 instead of around €70, which was the regular price at launch. Getting a new game for around half the official price sounds good, right? Maybe too good to be true, but let’s not be too hasty with our verdict here. Let’s see how it continued.

We purchased the game from Enjify, received an email confirmation and some instructions on how we could play it. Now wait a second. What do you mean “instructions“? Won’t they send the keys to the buyer? No they are not. Right now, all kinds of red flags suddenly popped up and we were curious to know how it was going to go.

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They send you a username and password as credentials that you can use to log into your console, and inside that account they purchased the digital title, in this case, Ring of Elden. So to play you need to add an alternate account to your console and take advantage of a home console feature that would allow you to download and play the game.

Technically, it works, but you don’t own the title, nor is it added to your account’s game library. It’s quite a trick to bypass the management of licenses and rights, giving you access to the title. And they more than likely sell the same access to at least one other person, and that’s how they make their revenue. This is how they can offer “discounts”. By buying a license normally and then sharing access in exchange for a price.

Is Enjify legal?

Now it gets tricky. After doing the review, I would say that the Enjify service offering is not legit. Sharing of accounts and rights, such as copies of digital games, is not in accordance with Microsoft’s Terms of Service. On the one hand, this means that the account you received access to can be deleted and suspended by Microsoft at any time, which means that you can no longer play the game. In the worst case, they could even penalize your own account for participating in such schemes. Knowingly or not, you are breaking the terms, which leaves you vulnerable to suspension and the potential loss of all previously purchased digital assets, which means the end of your game library. It’s not a good deal anymore, so maybe. Being identified by Microsoft while doing this may be unlikely. However, if there are two or more users playing the same game under the same license in entirely different regions, then it might be easier for them to identify.

What does Microsoft have to say about this? here is a direct quote from their Xbox Enforcement site about marketplace theft: “What are the signs of a fraudulent seller? Buying a game online and receiving an account or email address and password. Whether you’re trying to buy a game, content downloadable content or consumables such as loot boxes or in-game currency, a legitimate store will never provide content in the form of an account Selling Xbox Live accounts is a violation of the Code of Conduct, and many accounts sold are stolen, “hacked” by unsuspecting players, or funded through illegitimate means.If you receive an account after purchasing a game or content, do not use it.

Enjify Review - Disappointed Gamer
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I’m only taking Microsoft as an example here because that’s what we’ve been through. Sony and Nintendo have similar terms in place for their users. But can it get worse? Why, good you ask. The support team never responded once, and despite various attempts to cancel or refund, we received no response and the money is gone for good. At this time, I wouldn’t recommend you to use the Enjify service, and the simple lack of response makes me think it’s a fraud.

Verdict on Enjify after the review

You won’t have any more surprises here in the final chapter of my Enjify review. Enjify’s marketing is deceptive, if you really want to try you might end up with a banned account, and there’s no support team and no option to get a refund – ever. When you’re a bargain hunter there’s always a risk of losing money on a scam, but this might be one of the worst I’ve experienced so far.

I’m very surprised that Microsoft (or any other platform mentioned before) hasn’t taken legal action against this seller yet. I’m further surprised that Google hasn’t banned them from using their shopping features either, which often puts them in first place when sorting results for the best price, which makes me wonder why Google would bring their users to get scammed like this. It didn’t increase my confidence in them either.

We are currently looking at other options to buy digital games online legally while giving you a bit of a discount. Be sure to visit us again in the near future for reviews of Enjify’s competitors and other options.

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