Black Friday sales for video games are underway

With Black Friday fast approaching, various places have kicked off Black Friday sales for their video games. Below are some of the deals you can find online.

best buy

Besides video games, you can also buy consoles here during their Black Friday sale.

Of course, there are more deals you can get. You can head to the Best Buy Black Friday Sales Portal To see more.


Of course, Amazon also has its own share of Black Friday deals. Much like Best Buy, they also sell gaming peripherals alongside video games.

For all of their game-related sales, you can check out their list here.

Humble package

In fact, we talked about the Humble Bundle Black Friday Offer A few days ago. I’ll put some of the best deals out there here.


The Steam Fall Sale started a few days before Black Friday and has even more video game sales.

To see the other games on sale right now, you can head to the Steam store page here.


Of course, Ubisoft has its own Black Friday sale for the games they released. Here are some of those games

If you are looking for other games not mentioned above, you can head over to here.

Play store

PlayStation joins the Black Friday sales, selling some of its own games, including exclusives.

For the other games we like to miss the most, you can check out the full Black Friday catalog here.


Just like their PlayStation rival, Xbox has its own Black Friday deals you might be interested in checking out.


Franz Christian Irorita ·

Franz Christian Irorita ·

Jesseriche Cortez ·

For other Xbox games you can grab at a discount this Black Friday sale, you can head to here.

Nintendo Store

For those with a Nintendo Switch, then maybe the Nintendo Store’s Black Friday sale is more to your liking.

Like all the other listings above, that’s not all that’s on sale. You can head to here to see the rest of the discounted games and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Square Enix Store

To be more precise, it is Final Fantasy XIV that has a Black Friday sale right now. All of their bundles containing the latest expansion, Endwalker, are currently 50% off.

For the PlayStation versions of the above deals, you can head to here to buy them. Note that the free items you get from the Collector’s Editions of the games are all in-game items. You can check what you’ll get in their respective links.

That’s the most Black Friday sales right now for video games. Of course, there are other websites that run their own sales, so just hunt them down. Who knows? You might find a deal that we haven’t covered here.

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