Big bag rappers thanks to video games

A real scammer will always find several ways to access a bag. Elite artists will do this through one of their hobbies. With the increased presence of video game streaming and platforms reaching millions of people these days, rappers have been constantly making money moves with a controller and computer.

If you’ve been curious about where Tee Grizzley is, you might be able to catch him on Call of Duty Where Grand Theft Auto. By making an appearance on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267 Millon Dollaz is worth the game podcast last month, Tee revealed that he makes around $200,000 a month from gaming. His popularity increased his server audience. “The way I monetized it, I get paid by the server, because you have to pay to get in and we have about 90,000 members.”

He is not the only one to have discovered the virtual world. Remember Travis Scott Fortnite recovery in 2020? For those who don’t know, La Flame has collaborated with the must-have game for a special astronomical event. Several special moments included a Cactus Jack-inspired world featured throughout the musical journey, a Travis Scott skin brought to life, and a new track called “The Scotts” featuring Kid Cudi debuted. He reportedly earned over $20 million from this 10-minute gaming experience.

Going back to those who augment their bank accounts by having a game-style version of themselves in video games, T-Pain has earned a pretty penny lately. On Steve-O’s Podcast wild ride last year, the multi-platinum entertainer revealed that he has been making more money from games than from music in recent years. Pain’s personality would be key. “There are certainly good players who make a lot of money, but I think the entertainment that comes from someone like me making fun of him is more valuable and more entertaining,” he said. share. The main choices of T-Pain are said to be both COD and the racing game Forza Horizon 4.

Of course, there are more. Take a look at the rappers who managed to score big sacks thanks to video games.

See the rappers who got to the bag through video games

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